Physics and Astronomy Minors

The minor in physics and the minor in astronomy are suitable for students who wish to supplement a related discipline or simply have a general interest in the field. Note that the Independent and Directed Study portion of the Physics Minor is not a requirement, but may count toward the minor under certain circumstances. Seek departmental approval before enrolling in either of these classes.

Students seeking a minor will be assigned an advisor from the list of faculty given below. Students are encouraged to seek advice and be mentored by any faculty member. The official advisors listed below are particularly knowledgeable on curricular matters and support systems at Vanderbilt University. They are also the ones who have the authority to sign official paperwork.

Shane Hutson SC 6835 343-9980
Charlie Maguire SC 6414 322-2634
Richard Haglund SC 6416 322-7964
Paul Sheldon SC 6907C 343-0484
Kalman Varga SC 6638A 343-9278
David Weintraub SC 6910 322-5034

Minor in Physics

Any first-semester, calculus-based physics class with lab
(116a+118a, 121a)
4-5 hours
Any second-semester, calculus-based physics class with lab
(116b+118b, 121b)
4-5 hours
Physics 225 or 225W 4
Two 200-level and/or 300-level physics courses,
one of which may be a 3-hour, one-semester directed study course (289)
Physics 250 1
Total Hours: 19-21

Minor in Astronomy

Astronomy 102 and 103, or 205 and 103 4 hours
Four other astronomy courses, one of which may be a
3-hour directed study (ASTR 289)
Two semesters of ASTR 250 2
Total Hours: 18

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