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Cara Tuttle Bell, Director, Project Safe Center, cara.tuttle.bell@vanderbilt.edu

Dean of Students

Mark Bandas
(615) 322-6400

Support and Advocacy Resources

Project Safe
(615) 322-SAFE (7233)

Vanderbilt Police Department – Victim Services
(615) 322-7846

Filing a Report

Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action, and Disability Services (EAD)
(615) 322-4705

Vanderbilt Police Department
emergency: (615) 421-1911
non-emergency: (615) 322-2745

Confidential Resources

Psychological and Counseling Center
(615) 322-2571

Student Health Center
(615) 322-2427

Office of Religious Life
(615) 322-2457

Other Helpful Resources

Student Conduct and Academic Integrity
(615) 322-7868

Housing and Residential Education
(615) 322-2591

Tennessee Coalition against Domestic and Sexual Violence

The Sexual Assault Center

YWCA of Nashville and Middle Tennessee

For information call (615) 875-0660 or email at projectsafe@vanderbilt.edu

Who should watch the VU PETSA videos?

VU PETSA is for the entire Vanderbilt community and anyone interested in ending sexual violence. All first year and transfer students are required to complete the VU PETSA online tutorial and quiz. We invite everyone to explore this website, view the videos, and offer feedback by emailing us at projectsafe@vanderbilt.edu

How does it work?

VU PETSA is an online tutorial available in OAK and The Learning Exchange that comprises seven short videos and a quiz. It typically takes 20-30 minutes to complete. All incoming students are required to complete the module.