Sonya K. Sterba, Ph.D.

I am an assistant professor in the Quantitative Methods (QM) program within the Psychology and Human Development Department at Vanderbilt University.

My research focuses on methodological issues that commonly arise in psychology applications — particularly in the context of developmental psychopathology research. For instance, developmental psychopathologists routinely encounter the potential for unobserved heterogeneity in behavior over time, sparse and nonnormal behavioral outcomes, nonrandomly selected samples, and uncertainty regarding the invariance of psychiatric constructs across development. Consequently, my research has explored how traditional structural equation and multilevel models can be adapted to accommodate such real-world issues. Sometimes this involves identifying limitations in the performance or application of existing methodology and then developing and disseminating corrective procedures. My substantive background broadly pertains to the course of psychiatric syndromes across childhood and adolescence, with emphasis on comorbidity, nosology, and the internalizing spectrum.

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