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Former Lab Employees:
Darlene Whetsel, M.S.

James Dallaire, Ph.D.

Former Undergraduate Students:
Alma Lorena Bareno
Undergraduate Honors Thesis:
    Children's Perceptions of Parental Involvement In Homework.

Kristen Closson
Undergraduate Honors Thesis: 
   Crossing Cultural Boundaries: Latino Parents' Involvement in Their Children's Education.

Christine Coulter
Undergraduate Honors Thesis: 
   Variables that Promote Stability and Change in Elementary School Parent Involvement.

Katherine Raser
Undergraduate Honors Thesis:
    Why Teachers Do What They Do in Their Classrooms: An Investigation of Authoritative Teaching. 

Kelly Sheehan

Undergraduate Honors Thesis:
    Parent and Teachers Expectations for Student Behavior: Links to Achievement in a Charter School Population.

Kristin Stephenson
Undergraduate Honors Thesis:
    A Two Way Perspective on Homework and Parent Involvement.

C'reda Weeden

Undergraduate Honors Thesis:
    Parental Involvement in Education: Why Parents Do What They Do.

Andrew Wilkins

    Undergraduate Honors Thesis:
    Preservice Teachers' Perceptions and Beliefs about Parental Involvement: Are we educating teachers who can utilize parents? 

Former Graduate Students and Thesis title:

Angela Battiato

    Masters Thesis:
    Self-Regulatory Styles in First Grade Student.

Jen DeJong

Masters Thesis:
    Parental involvement in adolescent extra-curricular activity Participation: An exploratory examination.

Kathleen Jones O'Connor

Masters Thesis:
    A Small-Scale Examination of the Variables Surrounding Parental Role Construction for Involvement in Education.
   Parent's Role Construction related to children's education: A examination of parent's influence in major decision situations.
    Defining parental role construction for involvement in education: Variables that support stability and change.

Christa Ice
    Masters Thesis:
    Home Schooling as an Extreme Form of Parental Involvement.
Linking Parental Motivations for Involvement and Student Proximal Achievement Outcomes in Home-Schooling and Public-Schooling Settings.

Richard Reed

    Masters Thesis:
    Motivational factors of parental involvement in education: Testing a mediation model.

Katherine Shepard
    Masters Thesis:
    In-service training to support and enhance teachers' invitations to parental involvement.

Joan Walker
Masters Thesis:
    Adolescent Motivation and Strategy Use During Homework: Implications for Research on Self-Regulated Learning.
Teacher Classroom Management Practices as Context for Student Self-Regulated Learning.

The Family-School Partnership Lab is part of the Psychology and Human Development Department, Peabody College, Vanderbilt University.