Understanding Approvals
As described below, proposals must be routed and approved electronically within the University using Coeus.  This internal review ends in the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), the office authorized to approve, sign, and submit proposals for the University.
The University may choose not to honor obligations undertaken by faculty or others which have not been properly authorized. The procedures for approval are as follows:

  1. The principal investigator (PI) certifies and submits a “PI Assurance” via PEER (new, continuation, revision).  PI’s are certifying:
    • application is true, complete and accurate to the best of their knowledge. 
    • she/he accepts the responsibility for the scientific conduct of the project and will fulfill all reporting requirements. 
    • that false, fictitious or fraudulent statements or claims made may subject them to criminal, civil or administrative penalties
    • and she/he will observe all sponsor and VU policies, including but not limited to: IRB, IACUC and VEHS policies
  1. Coeus proposal is simultaneously routed for approval to the chairperson or designee of the department following the approved mapping in Coeus. Budgetary information (including cost sharing) and statements concerning the availability and use of personnel, space, and facilities are reviewed.  The chairperson's approval constitutes an endorsement of all aspects of the proposal. When more than one academic unit/department is involved, the proposal is simultaneously routed for review and approval to each area involved.  These areas review the proposed impact on their unit’s personnel and space involved.
  1. For University Central (UC) applications, the proposal is routed through the dean’s office of the school/college for review and approval. The dean's review also relates to all aspects of the proposal including the extent to which the proposed activity may affect the teaching and research interests of the department and the college and the possible alternative use of space and facilities. When more than one college/school in UC is involved, the proposal must be approved by the dean’s office of each involved college/school. 
  1. In addition, other central office functions must approve or receive notification depending on various attributes included in the Coeus proposal, such as Human Subject Research or Biosafety review.
  1. Following all internal approvals, the proposal is transmitted to Office of Sponsored Programs for the final institutional review to assure its conformity to University and Sponsor policies and guidelines.  In addition, the budgetary and other administrative provisions are closely reviewed. The Office of Sponsored Programs gives final approval of the administrative pieces for the Institution.

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