It is not uncommon for a PI to determine that he/she must rebudget funds in order to complete his or her research.
  • For research grants incorporating standard federal Research Terms and conditions, many federal agencies have delegated authority to the Institution. An outline of the requirements for rebudgeting and other prior approvals for various federal sponsors can be found at: Research Terms and Conditions Prior Approvals Matrix 
  • Funds provided for NSF participant support costs may not be used for other categories of expense without the specific prior written approval of the cognizant NSF Program Officer.  Awardee organizations must account for participant support costs separately.
  • Federal cooperative agreements and contracts may contain terms requiring prior approval for rebudgeting. Individual awards should be reviewed for unusual terms.
  • Industry, foundation and other non-federal sponsors have various policies for rebudgeting. Refer to the sponsor’s award for specific guidance. When the agreement is silent, PIs should use their best judgement in rebudgeting funds as necessary to meet the requirements of the project.
Depending on the terms of the award the PI may be required to submit a revised budget to the sponsor, explaining the need for rebudgeting project costs. The Departmental Administrator should first check the sponsor’s award document to see if the sponsor has specific guidelines for when a revised budget is required. 
If a rebudget requiring prior approval is needed, it should be submitted to the OSP representative for review. The OSP representative will then work with the Department on the revision and submission of the new budget to the sponsor.   
What to do?

When requesting prior approval to submit a revised budget, please submit the document on departmental letterhead signed by the PI to OSP. The request will be logged into PEER and assigned for review. Once counter singed by an Authorized Institutional Official, the request will be emailed to the Sponsor contact coping the PI and Departmental Administrator. If you would prefer to submit the fully signed letter, please inform OSP in the email. Please allow OSP a minimum of three (3) full business days to review the approval request. Your request for approval should be submitted with information outlining which areas (account line items) the request will affect, a detailed justification of why the rebudget is needed and how the project will benefit from the rebudget. You should allow OSP additional time for review if the response due date falls on a major NIH deadline.