Proposal Development
Grants, research agreements, and sponsored award documents are legal instruments, which bind the parties to terms stated.  Therefore, state and federal laws as well as the policies and regulations of Vanderbilt University must be followed when preparing, accepting, signing, and executing such legal documents.  All proposals, whether new or continuing, must be processed through the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) for formal University approval and signature prior to submission to external sponsors.  The OSP serves as the administrative voice in the negotiation and acceptance of grants and award modifications.

The proposal serves as the primary document upon which the university and a funding source agree to provide the funds, facilities, and services necessary for the performance of the research, training, and/or development.  Grants are made to the institution and not the Principal Investigator; therefore, institutional approval and involvement is required.  It specifies the obligation of the Principal Investigator to perform services, the University to provide facilities and services, and the sponsor to provide financial support.

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