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PEER stands for Paperless Environment for Electronic Review
In 2007, GCM recognized the need for internal tracking of documents received from departments for better workflow management within the office.  Simultaneously, GCM was searching for a mechanism to electronically collect proposal COI certifications on PHS and NSF proposals.  As a result, PEER was developed internally to meet both needs.  The system went online July 1, 2007, and soon grew to allow for tracking of various documents such as center creates, JIT requests, prior approval letters and much more.  Over time, we continued to find other roles PEER could perform. 
Shortly after PEER’s creation, Federal agencies began moving from paper-based applications to an electronic platform.  Doing so removed the PI’s signature from most face pages, placing a new requirement on the Institution to receive an “assurance” from the PI, certifying various compliance items.   This electronic “PI Assurance” was added to the existing electronic COI process and, along with Coeus approval routing, ultimately replaced the old transmittal form. Between Coeus and PEER we were able to move to a fully automated proposal process by July of 2007.  Since that time, PEER’s functionality has grown to include various other Grants and Contract action items.   Documents, Proposals, Contracts, etc. are logged/entered and tracked through PEER by departmental users and central office staff  users for OSP, OCM and OCRA review.
Today over 20,000 grant-related records are maintained in PEER.  OSP will continue to find ways to utilize the PEER system to stream line the document intake process, allowing for a more efficient and effective approach of managing daily internal workflow activities.
PEER-OSP action items

  • Log grants to receive COI’s and PI assurance and track OSP review status
  • Effort change requests
  • First-No-Cost-Extensions
  • Pre-award spending
  • Equipment rebudget requests
  • Foreign travel approval
  • Authorization for OSP to submit applications to sponsor on behalf of PI
  • Coeus approval Bypass requests
  • Out-going subaward information to be handed off to contracts group at award time
In-addition, departments can use PEER to request from OSP:

  • Add new unit to Coeus
  • Change user permission in Coeus
  • Add a sponsor to Coeus
  • Change the home unit for a person in Coeus
  • Request FastLane permissions
  • Add a BO user for Coeus
  • Correct data in the Coeus BO universe
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