NIH Electronic Submission of Admin Supplements
Electronic Submission of NIH Administrative Supplements is Currently Available
The NIH has announced the first of several Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOA) rolling out electronic submission for administrative supplements.  This signals the beginning of NIH’s pilot project to accept many administrative supplement requests electronically either directly via the Commons or by submission via, which supports institutions using system-to-system. 
Vanderbilt has adopted the system-to-system approach using Coeus to submit via Grants.Gov.  This process is closely aligned to our normal NIH application process and allows for the least amount of administrative burden on both the faculty member and departmental administrator. For assistance please contact your Sponsored Programs Specialist. Please refer to the specific announcement to determine the appropriate narratives to include in your submission.  As always, contact your Sponsored Programs Specialist for assistance. 
Which Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) do I use?
How do I determine the correct Competition ID to use?