Letter of Intent (LOI) Templates
Regardless if Vanderbilt is the Prime or potential Subrecipient, grant applications normally include sections within the proposal specific to where the work is taking place. To signify that the subrecipient organization is in support of the activities referenced in the prime organizations application, Letters of Collaboration, also called Letters of Intent are required. The Letter of Collaboration must be signed by an authorized official of the subcontractor, detailing the scope of work and estimated budget for the collaborator’s involvement in the project.

A collaboration letter is required from all organizations named in the proposal acknowledging their collaboration on the project. 

The following templates can be used when Vanderbilt is the potential subrecipient, or these templates can also be used by organizations who do not have their own.   The LOI in letter format is preferred by some faculty members as it is a more formal document; however, if this format is used by other organizations, they must adjust the letter and use their own letterhead as appropriate.

LOI in Letter Format

LOI in Block Format (NIH Only)

LOI in Block Format (Federal Non-NIH Only)

LOI in Block Format (Non-Federal Only)