Foreign Travel
According to Vanderbilt’s Foreign/International Travel Policy, travel is defined as any travel other than local or domestic. International travel supported by university funds should be approved in the same manner as local and domestic travel. International travel supported by contracts or grants may require prior written agency and/or internal approval.

Travelers should refer to applicable grant or contract regulations to determine whether prior agency approval is required or if other restrictions apply. Individuals whose travel is supported by federal funds should follow the guidance provided in the Fly America Act.3  A Vanderbilt summary of the act and its provisions may be found at

Vanderbilt Travel Policy:
Submission and Routing to OSP for Prior Approval by Sponsor
Please see the agency terms and conditions for details.  For agencies that require foreign travel, not included in the grant application, approved prior to the travel taking place, please see the below process for instructions.

When requesting prior approval by sponsoring agency for foreign travel, please submit the document on departmental letterhead signed by the PI to OSP. The request should outline the need/purpose as it relates to the sponsoring project, cost to the project, destination, and travel dates.  The request will be logged into PEER and assigned for review. Once counter singed by an Authorized Institutional Official, the request will be emailed to the Sponsor contact with a cc to the PI and Departmental Administrator. If you would prefer to submit the fully signed letter, please inform OSP in the email. Please allow OSP a minimum of three (3) full business days to review the approval request.  You should allow OSP additional time for review if the response due date falls on a major NIH deadline.
Submission and Routing to OSP for Internal Approval Only
In-addition, for School of Medicine and School of Nursing, all foreign travel related to a grant award, must be approved by the OSP.
Requests for internal approval related to foreign travel are routed and completed via PEER.

Administrators should complete the PEER log, explaining the essential need, the amount of funds requested and the period of travel time.

OSP will analyze the request to verify all administrative requirements have been met and notify the departmental administrator once a decision has been made.

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