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Philip Needleman, Ph.D.

-Interim President, Saint Louis Science CenterPhilip Needleman, Ph.D.

B.Sc. (1960) – Philadelphia College, Pennsylvania
M.Sc. (1962) – Philadelphia College, Pennsylvania
Ph.D. (1964) – University of Maryland Medical School
Postdoctoral Fellow – Washington University Medical School

Philip Needleman joined the faculty at Washington University Medical School (1967) and became Chairman of the Department of Pharmacology (1976 to 1989).  During that time, he was selected Basic Science Teacher of the Year five times. In 2004 he served as Associate Dean for Special Projects at Washington University Medical School (St Louis).  He was elected a member of the National Academy of Sciences in 1987. At the NAS he chaired the Pharmacology-Physiology section (2001-2004) and was elected (2004) to a brief term on the NAS Council and currently serves as a member of the NAS Division of Earth and Life Sciences Committee.  He is a member of the Washington University Board of Trustees, the Plant and Life Sciences Coalition, the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center and served on the Barnes Jewish Hospital Board.  In 2009 he became interim President of the Donald Danforth Plant Sciences Center and after that, in 2011, he served as interim President and Chief Executive Office of the Saint Louis Science Center. He is Research Advisor to the President at Ben-Gurion University (Israel), and helped create the National Institute for Biotechnology in the Negev.

Needleman became Chief Scientist Officer of Monsanto in 1989 and became President of R&D of the Searle Pharmaceutical Company and then Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Scientist of the Pharmacia Corporation after the merger (2003). He was elected to the Institute of Medicine (1993) and was selected for the Industrial Research Institute Medal (2001) and in 2005 the NAS Award for the Industrial Application of Science.

Needleman has garnered numerous honors, including the: John Jacob Abel Award of the American Pharmacology Society (1974); Research Achievement Award from the American Heart Association (1988); Washington University’s Distinguished Faculty Award (1987), Second Century Award from the medical school (1994), and honorary doctorate degree (1999); C. Chester Stock Award from Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (2001); and the American Society of Experimental Therapeutics Award.