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Fall Term 2014 Class Presentations & Handouts:

The Transformations of Consciousness on Film

Class Handout

The Joy of Opera

  1. The Joy of Opera - Class Overview
  2. Nashville Opera Schedule
  3. Class Handout October 7th
  4. Class Handout October 14th
  5. Class Handout October 21st American Operas and Composers
  6. Class Handout October 28th
  7. Class Handout November 11th Things To Be Thankful For

The Poetry of George Hebert

  1. Class Handout October 7th
  2. Class Handout October 14th
  3. Class Handout October 21st
  4. Class Handout October 28th
  5. Class Handout November 4th
  6. Class Handout November 11th

Film, Fantasy, and Food: Spanish Cuisine and Culture

  1. Class Presentation October 8th
  2. Class Handout "Cookbook La Cocina De Mama"
  3. Class Handout "History Ghosts of Spain"
  4. Class Handout "A Short Guide to Writing Film"
  5. Class Presentation October 15th
  6. Class Presentation October 22nd
  7. Class Presentation October 29th
  8. Class Handout "Banquet Imagery in Rabelais"
  9. Class Presentation November 5th
  10. Class Presentation November 12th

From Neurons to Perception: Insights into Brain Function and Dysfunction

  1. Class Schedule "Insights into Brain Function and Dysfunction"

Exploring Antarctica

  1. Class Presentation October 9th
  2. Class Presentation October 16th
  3. Class Presentation October 23rd
  4. Class Presentation October 30th
  5. Class Presentation November 6th
  6. Class Presentation November 13th

Looking for Camels on the Silk Road

  1. Penetrating the Darknet
  2. Credit Card Crime
  3. Green Dot MoneyPak Fraud Schemes
  4. Currency

To Make A World: Exploring Self, Love, and Loss Through Spiritual Storytellling

  1. Class Presentation October 17th
  2. Class Presentation October 24th
  3. Class Presentation October 31st
  4. Class Presentation November 7th Ten Exercises Class Handout
  5. Class Presentation November 14th