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Class Materials

Summer Term 2014 Class Presentations & Handouts:

Spirituality and Photography Workshop

  1. August 12th & 13th Class Presentation
  2. Class Handout "Quotes About Art"
  3. Class Handout "Resources"

Genealogical Research

 Creative Writing

Spring Term 2014 Presentations:

"Masterpieces"- The Greatest Portraits Ever Painted

Christian Theories to Explain the Death of Jesus

Recommended reading:  volumes in The Early Church Fathers series published by Routledge Press, ( each of the thinkers studied in class. ~Patout Burns


Great Decisions - Wednesday Class

Literature and Law, from Crime and Punishment

Theories of "The Good Life"

Why Does America Imprison More People Than any Other Country in the World?

The Neuroscience of Learning and Memory

Integrative Medicine