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Class Materials

Winter Term 2015 Class Presentations & Handouts:

Irish Comedy: Light and Dark

Irish Movies

Contemporary World Cinema

Class Syllabus January 13th - February 17th

European Cinema Viewing Guide

European Cinema Class Presentation January 13th

Asian Cinema Viewing Guide

Asian Cinema Class Presentation January 20th

English Speaking World Cinema Viewing Guide

African Cinema Viewing Guide

Latin America Cinema Viewing Guide

The U.S. Constitution: Foundation and Interpretation

Class Survey

Class Suggested Reading List

Science and Science Fiction

Class Syllabus January 14th-February 18th

Class Presentation January 14th

Class Presentation January 21st

Class Presentation January 28th

Class Presentation February 4th

Ancient Civilizations of the Americas

Class Reading List

Aztec Class Presentation

Maya Class Presentation

Moche Class Presentation

Cahokia and the Mississippians Class Presentation

Amazon Class Presentation

Inka Class Presentation

Mississippian and ancient Native American sites

Rhythm & Blues Tore Down the Walls of Segregation

Suggested Reading List

Bobby Ogdin Bio

The Development of Christian Practice and Belief in Roman Africa

Christianity in Roman Africa

North Africa Baptism

North Africa Eucharist

North Africa Penance

North Africa Marriage

North Africa Death and Martyrs

Ukraine: From Keivan Rus to the Euro Revolution

Class Outline

Ukraine Bibliography

Ukraine Timeline

Remapping Ukraine Class Presentation January 30th

Remapping Ukraine Class Presentation February 6th

Remapping Ukraine Class Presentation February 13th