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Student Leader Profile: Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee

Class of 2014

Majors: Molecular Cell Biology, Music

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

President of Vanderbilt Undergraduate Chinese Association (VUCA)

Why VUCA is great:

VUCA is unique because we have both international students and American-born students. The exposure to peers who grew up in a completely different culture from my own is eye-opening. I’ve befriended so many international students and have been able to see the world from a different perspective. Plus, bubble tea week and the dumpling making party are delicious.

Tips for making the most of your time at Vanderbilt:

  1. Sleep well. Without sleep, you can’t concentrate, work, or have fun.
  2. Explore. There are so many opportunities to learn about lifestyles and cultures outside your own.
  3. Smile. You’re only young once. There’s plenty of time to be angry and senile when you’re old.


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