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Finance Resources

Cash Boxes – For student organizations collecting cash or checks there are 3 cash boxes available for collecting purposes. To borrow one, simply fill out this anchorlink form (https://anchorlink.vanderbilt.edu/form/start/53200) at least one business day ahead of time.

Petty Cash – If student organizations need small bills in order to give change for ticket sales, t-shirt sales, etc., petty cash can be reserved through Mark Leners in Reservations and Events. To reserve petty cash, email Mark at least 3 days before the cash is needed at mark.leners@vanderbilt.edu

Cash/Check Deposits – For student organizations returning a cash box with cash or checks that need to be deposited, we ask that all cash and checks be sorted and organized by bill as well as counted and recorded on a deposit sheet. Deposit sheets can be found here: https://anchorlink.vanderbilt.edu/organization/oia/documentlibrary

Co-Sponsorship Fund Transfers – For any OIA student organizations giving a co-sponsorship to another student organization or department on campus, the giving student organization will need to contact their advisor and request the fund transfer.


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