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Card Reader Checkout Procedure

There are 2 card readers available for all student organizations advised by OIA.

Students may request the card readers by filling out a request form on the OIA Anchor Link page, which can be found here: https://vanderbilt.collegiatelink.net/form/start/25932

Students must submit requests a minimum of 2 business days before the card reader is needed. If you would like to check out the card reader for multiple days/events or for a recurring event, you must complete a new form submission for each day that you would like to request the reader.

Card readers can be picked up from Andrea Ramos-Lewis in Sarratt 323 between 1pm-4pm, Monday-Friday, and must be returned by 11:00 AM the day following the event.  For events that occur on the weekend, card readers should be returned by 11:00 AM on Monday morning.

Failure to return your card reader on time may result in your organization losing the privilege to check out card readers for future events or being charged $125 to replace the card reader.

If the OIA card readers are unavailable you may try contacting other offices that have card readers, information on who to contact can be found here: http://www.vanderbilt.edu/anchorlink/reserve-a-card-reader/

Attendance Tracking in Anchor Link:

To track attendance at your Anchor Link event, open the Event page and click the “Track Attendance” button on the right side.
(Remember: you must have administrative access to use this function)
When you track attendance at an event through Anchor Link, you will automatically capture not only the total number of attendees but the following information about each attendee:

First & Last Name
Campus E-mail Address
Preferred E-mail Address (if they have listed one)
Who tracked their attendance
Any comments provided next to the user’s attendance record

Attendance Can be Tracked in 4 Ways:
1. Swiping using an Anchor Link Card Reader
a. Click the “Card ID Entry” button at the top right of the Track Attendance Page
b. Card readers can be checked out through our office plus a variety of offices including Sarratt 301 and can be reserved on the Anchor Link home page

Click the “+ Add Attendance” button for the following three methods:

2. Invitations
a. If you used the invitations feature, you can simply go through and check Attended/Absent/Excused for each invited user

3. Text Entry of E-mail Addresses
a. You can enter Vanderbilt campus e-mails and indicate a user’s attendance status

4. File Upload of E-mail Addresses
a. You can upload a CSV or TXT file with e-mail addresses
To download an Excel spreadsheet attendance report, click the “Export” button on the right side of the Track Attendance page. This attendance record will be permanently accessible for your organization or office in the Past Events section of your Anchor Link group.


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