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Additional Resources for OAK

OAK Faculty Advisory Committee Members

  • A&S Tim Hanusa, Chemistry
  • A&S: Brett Benson, Political Science
  • A&S  Virginia Scott, French and Italian
  • BLR: Michael Hime, Music History and Literature
  • DIV: Jimmy Byrd, American Religious History
  • ENG: Jerry Roth, Computer Science
  • GPC: Craig Smith, Psychology
  • GPC: Melissa Gresalfi, T&L
  • Law: Larry Reeves, Law
  • Law: Suzanna Sherry, Law
  • MED: Heather Davidson, Program in Interprofessional Education
  • NURS: Mavis Schorn
  • NURS: Abby Parish
  • OWEN: Jesse Blocher


  • Chair: Cynthia Cyrus
  • CFT: Derek Bruff
  • Library: Cliff Anderson
  • VUIT: Kelly McGill-Barrett
  • VUIT: Andy Richter