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Vanderbilt iTunes U Building Block

Welcome visitors from other institutions!

Vanderbilt is happy to distribute its iTunes U Building Block to other Blackboard institutions.  Though we are happy to get you started with our Building Block (installation and configuration), we cannot provide support beyond that.  However, if something is broken, or not quite right, please let us know immediately so we can address it.

Our current versions are listed in the gray box to the right. Version 1.0.4 is no longer supported, but we provide it for our friends still on Bb 7.x.

A change in Blackboard's tag libraries between Bb 9.1 SP5 and Bb 9.1 SP6 (just like changes made between Bb 9.0 and Bb 9.1) caused issues with the Building Block. Please see the list to the right to determine which version you need to install on your server. (All three versions are packaged with the downloadable ZIP file.)

PLEASE NOTE: After Apple made changes to the administration of the public sites, the Vanderbilt Building Block is no longer able to connect to those sites. When making configurations, make sure you deselect the public option.

Building Block Versions

Different Building Block versions work different Blackboard Platforms.

These versions require accepting a license agreement:

  • Bb 8.0: Ver 2.10.1
    Bb 9.0: Ver 2.10.1
    Bb 9.1 - SP5: Ver 3.0
    Bb 9.1 SP6 - SP7: Ver 3.1