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Building Block Versions

Different Building Block versions work different Blackboard Platforms.

These versions require accepting a license agreement:

  • Bb 8.0: Ver 2.10.1
    Bb 9.0: Ver 2.10.1
    Bb 9.1 - SP5: Ver 3.0
    Bb 9.1 SP6 - SP7: Ver 3.1
    Bb 9.1 SP8 - SP9: Ver 3.2.1


Note about Regularly Scheduled Maintenance:

Though we like to have our servers up 24/7, there are times when we need to take them down to perform regular maintenance. Please note that we will reserve the third Sunday morning of each month to perform these tasks. OAK may be down between the hours of 6:00 AM and 10:00 AM the THIRD Sunday of each month. If we need to be down longer (or not at all), we will provide 2-3 week notice that will be posted on the main OAK website.

Please know that there may be times that we need to take the server down immediately in emergency situations. Information about such downtime can always be found on the main OAK website.

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