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OAK and iTunes U

Accessing class podcasts made easy.

Vanderbilt faculty can upload podcasts to iTunes U through OAK for their students to access. Each course can request a "restricted" or "public" course area. Instructors are urged to use caution when requesting a course area: If you are unsure which area to request, err on the conservative side and request a "restricted" area.

Students can download coursework, lectures, and supporting media from iTunes U via a link instructors place in OAK. The downloads can be played on an iPod, Mac or PC, or burned to a CD.

Restricted Access: The content in “Restricted Access” course areas can only be viewed by those enrolled in the Blackboard course. If you plan to upload copyrighted material, you should request a RESTRICTED course area.

Public Access: The content in “Public Access” course areas can be viewed by all who visit your institution’s iTunes U store. Any material in which the instructor holds the copyright can be put in a PUBLIC area. This area IS NOT intended for copyrighted material, nor does it fall in the "fair use" area.

Connecting your OAK course to iTunes U is a two step process. Instructors must first request an iTunes U course area via the course control panel, then they need to create a link to the area in a course content area.

Once these two steps are complete, instructors can begin uploading and organizing content in iTunes U. Download the instructor guide.

Learn more about Vanderbilt on iTunes U.

Visitors from other institutions wanting to learn more about Vanderbilt's iTunes U Building Block, or wishing to download the Building Block, can do so from the Vanderbilt iTunes U Building Block page.

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