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Help with OAK

Getting help locally.

Each school provides OAK Support for their members. A list is provided below, or you can send a quick note to your support provider by using the Help Mail Form.

For more information:

  • The Training page lists upcoming training sessions, or contact your local support provider for specialized sessions.
  • The Help Sheets & Videos page contains links to self-help resources in PDF and video formats.

Who to Contact

College of Arts & Science

General Support Requests:
John Kilbourne, (615) 343-6581

Foreign Languages: 
Felekech Tigabu, (615) 322-2818

Blair School of Music

Michael Hime, (615) 343-3166 
Sara Manus, (615) 322-8686 

Divinity School

Chris Boshers, (615) 343-4987

School of Engineering

Andy Richter, (615) 343-4518 
David Linn, (615) 343-6164

Law School

Law IT Team: Law Tech Help Request , (615) 343-4059

School of Medicine

OEIT OAK Support

School of Nursing

VUSN OAK Support: VUSN OAK Support Website

Owen Graduate School of Management

Owen IT: HelpDesk Request, (615) 322-2034

Peabody College

Michael Gaines, (615) 322-2480 
(First contact the local support provider assigned to your department.)

(No School Affiliation)

General OAK Support:

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Note about Regularly Scheduled Maintenance:

Though we like to have our servers up 24/7, there are times when we need to take them down to perform regular maintenance. Please note that we will reserve the third Sunday morning of each month to perform these tasks. OAK may be down between the hours of 6:00 AM and 10:00 AM the THIRD Sunday of each month. If we need to be down longer (or not at all), we will provide 2-3 week notice that will be posted on the main OAK website.

Please know that there may be times that we need to take the server down immediately in emergency situations. Information about such downtime can always be found on the main OAK website.

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