The OACS Global Service Project in Zanzibar will support local education, employment, and medical initiatives that are focused on offering services to the youth and the unemployed for sustainable growth and economic independence in a country in flux.  During the month-long program, participants will build relationships with local youth and communities as they work, share, and learn with each other.



All Nations Academy Center

Started by Bishop Daniel Kwilemba in 1999, the All Nations Academy Center addresses the needs of children who have lost parents by providing them with education and care. Currently 70 children ages 2-18 years are being offered a home through the Center. Challenges include providing enough food and clothing for the children, money for school fees, space and resource restrictions, limited staffing, and lack of future employment opportunities for children.

Assistance is needed:

  • Helping to plan and prepare educational programs
  • Providing guidance for career opportunities
  • Organizing recreation and sports
  • Offering individual tutoring for children
  • Painting class and sleeping rooms
  • Teaching English, mathematics, First Aid, and life skills

Amani Vocation Center

The Amani Vocation Center offers opportunities for youth in the community to learn new skills in order to improve their chances for future employment. Training includes workshops in the following subject areas:  cooking, carpentry, painting, driving, agriculture, computers, and English. Assistance is needed in each of these subjects, and volunteers are encouraged to first participate in some of these courses to get to know the participating youth from the local community.

Mnazi Mmoja Hospital

Mnazi Mmoja Hospital (MMH) is a government-run institution, serving the population of Zanzibar. MMH has 400 beds and consists of a variety of specialty departments including pediatrics, surgery, internal medicine, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, trauma, and maternity. However, it faces serious challenges in limited staffing with only 3 full time doctors and 7 nurses, thus assistance from participants with a medical background is encouraged.



Beginning in the spring, students participate in a series of seminars designed to equip them with the tools to view global service through an informed and impact-oriented lens.  Seminars typically cover such topics as:

  • An overview of politics, economics, and culture in Zanzibar
  • Practical training and cultural sensitivity
  • An introduction to principles of sustainable community development, social justice and global citizenship
  • Exploring the challenge of medical services and youth employment in Zanzibar
  • Consideration of the ethical issues involved in volunteerism in the developing world
  • Reflection techniques and team-building skills


Local Partnership

Founded in 2005 by Martijn van der Put, Khaya focuses on building relationships with organizations in countries across the globe in order to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes for both locals and international volunteers.

Khaya pursues a long-term commitment towards the local community, works according to sustainable principles and involves local residents in its organization. Projects offered tackle relevant problems, offer rational solutions and achieve well formulated long-term results.


Dates & Costs

Information Session:

October 29, 2013 | OACS Lounge, Rand 305 | 5:30pm

2014 Zanzibar Program Dates:

May 3rd – May 31st, 2014

2014 Program Fee:

$2,900 + Flight


* Please note dates and costs are subject to change


Application Requirements:

  • Online Application
  • One Letter of Recommendation
  • Financial Aid Forms
  • Current Resume

The application form can be found HERE.

Zanzibar 2014 Financial Aid Form



For questions regarding the OACS Global Service Project to Zanzibar contact Lauren Moon: