Vanderbilt Internship Experience in New York City

What is VIE-NYC?

The Vanderbilt Internship Experience in New York City (VIE-NYC) provides students with 8-week public service internships with leading agencies, think tanks and other organizations associated with the United Nations. Many students and potential employers regard a summer internship in New York City as a highly valued learning and work experience. VIE-NYC facilitates placement of students in competitive internships in government, media, public policy, social justice, education, science, environmental policy, the arts, and various other nonprofits, all of which have some form of relationship with the United Nations. Many alums of our Washington DC internship experience (VIEW) have secured future internships and jobs as a result of their VIEW internship and we believe the same will hold for the NYC experience.

VIE-NYC is especially unique in that it bridges public service internship opportunities with residential experiences to foster a unique combination of reflective living and creative learning in NYC at a cost comparable to that of on-campus summer experiences. VIE-NYC encourages the development of the individual within a small community of peers and an on-site director, aimed at navigating the NYC and UN culture and local issues alongside exposure to the national agenda. A Vanderbilt spring credit course helps prepare students for this opportunity through career readiness training, writing development, discussions on current politics, organizational structure, and the dynamism of service and active citizenship. Supplementary programming, group events and activities, and engagement with a vast Vanderbilt Alumni network round out the summer experience.

Beyond an Internship

Encompassing much more than just your typical 9-5 internship, unique VIE-NYC features include a cohort model for peer support, programming opportunities to explore New York City and its extensive network; discussions with leaders in the fields of media, government, business and nonprofit sectors; group reflection & peer-learning; service in the community; tours of the UN; fun outings local festivals, group dinners, and a living-learning community in some of the nicest apartments in the NYC area.


The Mentor Component

Each VIE-NYC participant is matched with a Vanderbilt alum living in NYC, who aligns with the student’s personal and professional goals and interests. The pair will meet often during the VIE-NYC program, with one-on-one interaction and support, attending various outings and events together.  This is a premiere networking opportunity, offering exposure to a network of VU alumni living in NYC and working in the fields students are want to enter post-graduation. Through mentorship, students are able to make connections, learn about different career paths, and continue the valuable mentor/mentee relationship beyond the program.


Living-Learning Community

VIE-NYC bridges public service internship opportunities with residential experiences to foster a unique combination of reflective living and creative learning in NYC at a cost comparable to that of on-campus summer experiences. VIE-NYC encourages the development of the individual within a community comprised of a small group of 20-24 peers and an on-site director, aimed at navigating the DC culture and local issues alongside exposure to the national agenda. The built-in community allows students to hit the ground running at work, have zero-worries about their living arrangements, and always have a Vanderbilt friend to explore the city with in their free time.  Group dinners and other outings together make discovering the city a fresh and exciting opportunity, unlike any other work experience you’ll find over the summer in NYC.



VIE-NYC also coordinates exciting programs exclusively for VIENYC interns including many group social events, behind-the-scenes seminars with top NYC industries, and service projects in the city as well. Students also get an unlimited Metro pass every week!

Supplementary Programming is likely to include:

  • Academic seminars and insider tours of key agencies in New York City
  • Weekly social events and group dinners
  • Networking opportunities with the Vanderbilt Alumni Association
  • Service projects and awareness of issues in the local community
  • Career fairs, local conferences, and special symposia open to all interns.
  • Local festivals, historic sites, and opportunities for outdoor recreation.



The Vanderbilt Internship Experience in New York program is also brought to you in collaboration with VIRA (the Vanderbilt International Relations Association), Vanderbilt’s student-lead organization aimed at providing undergraduates with a forum to discuss and engage in international topics and to represent Vanderbilt in national and international Model United Nations competitions.


In partnership with the Center for Student Professional Development, OACS Internship Opportunities will delve into professional preparation, including CV development, interview skills, and capitalizing on strategic internships. For more information about the Center for Student Professional Development, visit their website at


Application Requirements:

  1. Resume and cover letter
  2. Academic Transcript
  3. Minimum GPA of 3.0
  4. 2 letters of recommendation
  5. Writing Sample
  6. Online application submission


The application form for the NYC Internship opportunity can be found HERE.

The NYC financial aid form can be accessed by clicking on the link provided. NYC Financial Aid Form



For questions regarding the Vanderbilt Internship Experience in New York City contact Christine Drasba: