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Courses In Other Departments

Enrollment in Courses Outside the Law School

Students enrolled in the JD program are permitted to enroll in courses offered in Vanderbilt departments outside the law school. For these courses to count toward the required credit hours for the degree, each such course must either “contain substantial legal content, or be directly related to the student’s course of study in the Law School.” For example, a JD student interested in studying law and neuroscience may take a course in brain imaging offered in the Psychology Department. Such a brain imaging course would be “directly related to a course of study in the Law School.”

Credit for Courses Outside the Law School

All JD students are permitted to count up to 6 credits from courses outside the law school toward the degree.   A JD student who has reached the 6 credit maximum may still register for additional (i.e., not-for-credit) courses outside the law school, at no additional tuition cost.