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National Commodore Club

Priority System

The NCC utilizes a priority system to provide a fair process to allocate ticketing and parking requests from more than 6,000 members. This system rewards active NCC members for their gifts as well as consecutive years of membership.

Grouping Criteria Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5 Group 6
NCC priority ranking
1–100 101–250 251–350 351–1,000 1,001–2,000 2,001+
NCC gift* $10,000+ $6,000–
*Your NCC gift is calculated by combining all gifts to Vanderbilt Athletics each year. The yearly total includes your annual, restricted, capital and endowment gifts.

Priority Grouping

NCC members are placed in groups to help efficiently and transparently allocate tickets and parking permits. Your NCC group placement is determined by meeting at least one of the criteria listed below a specific group in the chart above.

NCC priority ranking
Your priority ranking is based on your priority point total. Please see how points are awarded below.

Priority Points

NCC members will earn priority points in 2015–16 based on the following criteria:

1 point awarded for each $100 donated to the NCC each year (to any area of athletics)
1 point awarded for each year of consecutive NCC membership since 2008
1 point awarded for each season ticket (16 points maximum each year)
25 points awarded for Vanderbilt alumnus/alumna (one-time award per account)
50 points awarded for former Vanderbilt student-athlete (one-time award per account)

Priority Calculation Dates

NCC priority rankings will be calculated on the following dates to ensure your priority ranking is up-to-date for priority seating, priority parking and postseason tickets.

March 1: Football priority seating, NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournaments
May 1: NCAA baseball regionals
June 1: Men’s basketball priority seating and parking, football priority parking
October 1: SEC men’s and women’s basketball tournaments
December 1: Football bowl game

Why are these dates important? When priority was calculated for the 2014 NCAA Baseball Regionals at Hawkins Field, NCC members in groups 1–5 were able to score tickets in the infield based on our demand. When priority was calculated for the 2014–15 SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament in Nashville, NCC members in groups 1–3 were able to secure tickets at Bridgestone Arena based on our demand.

Questions about your NCC group or priority ranking? Email us or call (615) 322-4114.



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