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Planned Giving

The Office of Planned Giving is available to assist anyone that is interested in supporting student-athletes with an estate gift or a gift that can provide income back to the donor. Whether it is a gift of real estate, bequest, IRA beneficiary designation charitable remainder trust or gift annuity, our planned giving team is available to answer any questions you may have. For more information, check out the Planned Giving website or call (615) 936-5518.

Jim McKee: A Chance to Excel, an Opportunity to Give Back

Jim McKeeAs a successful entrepreneur and established business owner, Jim McKee has come to appreciate smart financial decisions — including the opportunity to attend Vanderbilt University and the benefits of giving back to the school through a charitable gift annuity.

"My wife, Marty, and I started thinking about the future," Jim says, "and decided to make a gift that would funnel some income to us in retirement. To me, it's a great investment — with a solid return along with the tax benefits. It's a good deal for both us and the school."

For Jim, who was born and raised amid humble surroundings in Memphis, attending Vanderbilt University was an opportunity he knew he couldn't pass up. "I realized what a great place it was, so I was determined to stay and make the most of it," he recalls. And that he did. Jim joined a fraternity, played football all four years and was named cadet commander of his ROTC unit — all while making great friends along the way, some of them for life.

After graduating with a bachelor's degree in mathematics in 1960, Jim served in the U.S. Army for two years. He then went into the banking business before embarking on successful ventures in computer software development, including a cutting-edge engineering application software company he founded with former colleagues at Vanderbilt University. Jim later focused his efforts on commercial insurance before retiring.

Looking back, Jim remains grateful to the institution that provided him with the opportunity to excel. He adds, "I feel like if I hadn't received that education, I wouldn't have been as successful as I've been in the business world. It was a unique experience I don't think you could get anywhere else."

Regarding the planned gift the McKees have provided to support the athletics department, Jim offers a heartfelt explanation for giving back. "It's a wonderful feeling to be able to do something for someone else and for an institution like Vanderbilt University that does so much for the community."