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NCC Priority System

The National Commodore Club Priority System is used to provide a systematic and fair process to prioritize ticketing, seating, and parking requests from donors to Vanderbilt Athletics.

football cheering Requests will be allocated based on the following criteria:

1. Active Status

An "active" NCC member is defined as a donor who has made a gift to any area of Vanderbilt Athletics in either the current or previous fiscal year.

2. Group

See NCC Grouping Criteria chart below.

3. Priority ranking within the group

See NCC Grouping Criteria chart below.

NCC Grouping Criteria for 2013–14 Academic/Athletic Year
**NCC group placement is determined by meeting at least one of the criteria listed for a specific group.
Criteria Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5 Group 6
NCC priority ranking 1–100 101–250 251–350 351–1,000 1,001–2,000 2,001+
NCC annual gift $10,000+ $6,000–
Annual pledge payments on a
current capital or endowment gift
$20,000+ $10,000+ $5,000+ $2,000+ $1,000+ $100+
Total NCC lifetime giving $300,000+ $200,000+ $100,000+ $50,000+ $25,000+ $100+
**NCC annual gift total can be met by combining your NCC annual unrestricted gift and your annual restricted gift to a sport.

Priority Point Ranking

For 2013-14, the NCC will utilize the priority point system below based on the following criteria:

National Commodore Club Annual Giving = 1 point per $100
Capital or endowment giving = 1 point per $100
Cumulative Lifetime Athletics Giving = 1 point per $100
Cumulative NCC Membership = 1 point per each year of consecutive membership
Former Vanderbilt Student-Athlete = 50 points (one time calculation)
Vanderbilt alumnus/alumna = 25 points (one time calculation, if former student-athlete 50 point maximum awarded)

Allocation Process

Postseason tickets (bowl games, SEC tournaments, NCAA tournaments) will be allocated in the following order:

  1. Active NCC members
  2. Season ticketholders
  3. General public

Priority Calculation Dates

To ensure your priority ranking is up-to-date, NCC priority will be calculated on the following dates:

June 1: Men's basketball seating, priority parking
October 1: SEC tournament
December 1: Bowl game
March 1: Football seating, NCAA tournament

Questions about your priority points or the ticket allocation process? Email us or call (615) 322-4114.



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