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National Commodore Club

Athletic Donors

2013-2014 Donors


Give to AthleticsAt Vanderbilt University, we are truly grateful to the following individuals, foundations and corporations who supported Vanderbilt athletics between July 1, 2013, and June 30, 2014. All gifts, regardless of size or designation, help advance the mission of Vanderbilt.

Oak Leaf Society Capstone — 20 or more years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Ambassador — 10 to 19 years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Founder — 2 to 9 years of consecutive giving
° deceased

Alphabetical listing for FY13-14 donors. To view this list by giving level, please click here.
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Primary Donor with Last Name Starting V

  • Mrs. Nancy A. Valentine, AS 1994 and Mr. Terrence M. Valentine
  • Mr. Christopher Collins Van Cleave, AS 1991 and Mrs. Kelly Beard Van Cleave
  • Mr. John L. Van Cleave, LW 1976 and Mrs. Mary Layne Van Cleave, GS 1975
  • Mr. Robert R. Van Cleave and Mrs. Lea W. Van Cleave
  • The Rev. V. Ann Van Dervoort, DV 1983 and Dr. Robert L. Van Dervoort Jr.
  • Mr. Frederick Van Dusen and Mrs. Anna L. Van Dusen
  • Mr. Lee F. Van Dyke, AS 1987
  • Mr. John N. Van Ness, EN 1954
  • Mrs. Meredith McLeod Van Ryder, PB 1994
  • Deborah Anne Van Slyke, Ph.D., GS 1991 GS 2001 and Mr. Philip Dale Patey
  • Mrs. Paula Van Slyke, AS 1974 and Mr. Charles Leroy Norton Jr., EN 1961
  • Alicia M Vanbebber
  • Mr. Morris R. Vance and Mrs. Mary Vance
  • Mr. Ryan Wesley Vance, PB 2009
  • Prof. Michael Paul Vandenbergh and Ms. Linda Breggin
  • Mrs. Sara Maurer Vanderhoff, AS 2002 and Mr. Scott Robert Vanderhoff, PB 2002
  • Mr. Russell Harrison Vandevelde IV, AS 1989
  • Ms. Melissa Lee VandeWater, GS 2017 and Mr. David W. VandeWater
  • Mr. Marvin J. Vannatta, Jr. and Mrs. Linda Vannata
  • Mrs. Mary Frances Varallo
  • Mr. Eugene H. Vaughan, AS 1955 and Mrs. Susan Westbrook Vaughan
  • Daniel R Vaughn
  • Mr. David Vaughn
  • Mr. Lee M. Vaughn
  • Mr. Matthew James Vaughn, AS 2003 and Mrs. Christa Vaughn
  • Jennifer M Vazquez and Adam Vazquez
  • Mr. Mike Vazquez
  • Mrs. Betty J. Veach and Mr. Bobby E. Veach
  • Gary Veach
  • Mr. Sebastian C. Vecchio
  • Ms. Katherine Swanteson Vedlitz, AS 2004
  • Mr. Georg Philip Venturatos, AS 2005
  • Mr. Robert Verble
  • Mrs. Anne D. Vereen, AS 1990
  • Sten H. Vermund, M.D. PhD and Pilar Vargas, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Mr. Andrew Bright Vernon, AS 2009
  • Ms. Victoria C. Vernon
  • Ms. Beth Evans Vessel, AS 1991 and Mr. Michael Todd Vessel
  • Mr. Charles David Vester
  • Mr. Brandon Vetter and Mrs. Emily Vetter
  • Mr. Joseph Goode Vicars, AS 1978
  • Mr. Beryl S. Vick, Jr.
  • Ms. Kathy Vickery
  • Mr. Christopher Villines
  • Rich Vimpeny
  • Mr. John Thomas Vincent, PB 1996
  • Dr. Kimberly N. Vinson, MD 2003 and Mr. Brandon W. Gabel
  • Mr. Ryan Clark Vinson, AS 2002
  • Mr. Michael Violi
  • Mr. James W. Vise and Mrs. Heather S. Vise
  • Mr. Anthony M. Vizcarra, AS 2011
  • Mr. Gregory C. Voetsch and Mrs. Susan R. Voetsch
  • Ms. Ashley M. Vogl
  • Mrs. Nancy Voight, AS 1962
  • Ms. Denise M. Volz, PB 1976
  • Mr. Wilson Carlisle von Kessler II, AS 1989 and Mrs. Caroline W. von Kessler, AS 1989
  • Mr. Garrett W. Vreeland and Mrs. Elizabeth Vreeland
  • Ms. Margaretta Vreeland

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  • "Coming from California, Vanderbilt became my new home. With the opportunity to compete at the highest level of academics and basketball, I have learned that I represent something bigger than myself. I will forever be a part of the Vanderbilt family, and I know my family at home will be very proud once I receive my degree.” —Jasmine Lister,
    Women’s Basketball

  • “Vanderbilt gives me choices like no other school. I can earn a prestigious degree, compete in the SEC and play in front of thousands of great fans. I can't imagine being anywhere else.” —Rod Odom,
    Men’s Basketball

  • "The opportunity to be a student-athlete and get an education at Vanderbilt University has developed my mind more than anything else. I've learned that discipline and work ethic, among other things, allow you to break past the barriers that your body and mind have created to become the best you can be athletically and academically. I am blessed to be a Vanderbilt Commodore.” —Tyler Beede,