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National Commodore Club

Athletic Donors

2013-2014 Donors


Give to AthleticsAt Vanderbilt University, we are truly grateful to the following individuals, foundations and corporations who supported Vanderbilt athletics between July 1, 2013, and June 30, 2014. All gifts, regardless of size or designation, help advance the mission of Vanderbilt.

Oak Leaf Society Capstone — 20 or more years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Ambassador — 10 to 19 years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Founder — 2 to 9 years of consecutive giving
° deceased

Alphabetical listing for FY13-14 donors. To view this list by giving level, please click here.
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Primary Donor with Last Name Starting R

  • Mr. Adam Rabinowitz, PB 2009
  • Mrs. Margie D. Raduski and Mr. John S. Raduski
  • Mr. Adam Seth Rafal, PB 1992
  • Mr. Edward R. Ragland, AS 1954 and Mrs. Sue Turner Ragland
  • Mr. Richard Ray Rahne
  • Mr. William E. Raikes III, AS 1974 LW 1977
  • Mr. James R. Raines, EN 1970 and Mrs. George Anne Raines, NR 1996
  • Mr. Patrick Raines
  • Mr. Ross A. Rainwater, AS 1968 and Mrs. Suzanne H. Rainwater
  • Mr. Michael Anthony Ralston, AS 1980 and Mrs. DeeDee Ralston
  • Mr. Cecil Wayne Ramsey
  • Mrs. Jan Heller Ramsey, AS 1976 LW 1981 and Mr. James Graves Ramsey, LW 1979
  • Mrs. Renee Langston Ramsey, AS 2009 and Mr. Zachariah James Ramsey, AS 2009
  • Mr. Robert C. Ramsey, AS 1976 and Mrs. Jean L. Ramsey
  • Mrs. Sue Fishel Ramzy
  • Mrs. Lucy G. Randles, PB 1965 PB 1970 and Mr. William G. Randles
  • Mr. Richard W. Raney Jr., EN 1967 and Mrs. Margaret C. Raney
  • Mr. Neil Rankin, OG 2000 and Mrs. Lauren Beth Rankin, OG 2000
  • Mr. David Ransom and Mrs. Kim Ransom
  • Beq of Lois MacLardy Ransom
  • Mr. R. Sidney Ransom Jr., EN 1968
  • Dr. David O. Ranz and Mrs. Linda J. Ranz
  • Mr. Theodore Philip Raskin, AS 2014
  • Mr. Robert R. Rauschenberger Jr., EN 1990
  • Ms. Edith Ravenelle and Mr. Andre Ravenelle
  • Mrs. Jennifer N. Rawlings and Mr. David E. Rawlings
  • Mr. Donald R. Rawls
  • Mr. E. T. Rawls
  • Mark Elkin Rawls, EN 2002 and Dr. Adrianne Robertson Rawls, AS 2002
  • Mrs. Marsha A. Rawls
  • Mr. Donald Joseph Ray Jr., AS 1991 and Mrs. Jane M. Ray, AS 1991
  • Mr. Hugh M. Ray Jr., AS 1965 LW 1967
  • Mr. Joe W. Ray and Mrs. Jacqueline W. Ray
  • Mr. Ronnie D. Ray
  • Mr. Teddy L. Ray
  • Dr. M. R. Taylor Rayburn Jr., AS 1954 and Mrs. Connie Rayburn
  • Mr. Craig Raymer
  • Mr. William Brian Reames, AS 1987 and Mrs. Leigh B. Reames
  • Mrs. Jamie Elizabeth Reardon and Mr. James Farley Reardon Jr., OG 2008
  • Ms. Kerry J. Rechel, NR 2013
  • Mrs. Barbara Bertotti Rector, PB 1985 PB 1992
  • Mr. Charles Walton Redden, AS 1993 OG 2001 and Mrs. Mary Britt Adams Redden, AS 1997
  • Mr. Greer Berton Redden, PB 1996 OG 2011 and Mrs. Leigh S. Redden
  • Mr. Jack K. Redden, Sr.
  • Ms. Nancy Redden
  • Ms. Brenda W. Reed
  • David A Reed
  • Mr. George Scott Reed, AS 1980
  • Mr. Jack R. Reed Jr., AS 1973 and Mrs. Elizabeth White Reed, AS 1974
  • Mr. James L. Reed
  • Mr. John Mark Reed, AS 1973 and Mrs. Kimey Wilhelm Reed, AS 1973 PB 1974
  • Mr. Johnnie W. Reed and Mrs. Connie W. Reed
  • Mr. Roger H. Reed
  • John J. Reese, M.D. and Mrs. Corey Reese
  • Mr. Tommy L. Reeves
  • Mr. Phillip Allan Regen, EN 1977
  • Dr. Richard Rehm and Mrs. Debbra L. Rehm
  • Mrs. Linda Reichenberger and Mr. Donald A. Reichenberger
  • Mr. James Reilly
  • Mr. John Thomas Reilly III, AS 2008
  • Todd Reimer
  • Mrs. Marilyn G. Reinhardt, AS 1971 GS 1973 and Mr. Richard l. Reinhardt
  • Mrs. Esther C. Remer and Mr. Steven H. Remer
  • Renasant Bank
  • Mr. Bradley E. Rendell and Ms. Mindy H. Rendell
  • Ms. Grace R. Renshaw
  • Dr. Daniel J. Reschly
  • Mr. Terry M. Rettig, EN 1971
  • Ms. Dana Janine Reynolds, AS 2011
  • Mr. David Reynolds and Mrs. Dana Reynolds
  • Mr. John R. Reynolds, LW 1971
  • Mr. Matthew W. Reynolds
  • Mr. H. Moore Rhett III, AS 1977 and Mrs. Lynne Smith Rhett, AS 1980
  • Mr. James F. Rhoden and Mrs. Jane D. Rhoden
  • Ms. Katherine Rhodes
  • Mrs. Laura Bailey Rhodes, AS 1986 and Mr. Al J. Rhodes, III
  • Mrs. Joan R. Rial and Mr. Robert D. Rial, Jr.
  • Mr. Matthew C. Ribble
  • Mr. Michael A. Ricciardelli and Mrs. Nancy C. Ricciardelli
  • Mr. Milton P. Rice, LW 1949 and Mrs. Sara Batson Rice
  • Dr. Ron N. Rice, MD 1972
  • The Rich Foundation
  • Ms. Amy L. Rich and Mr. Edmund Joseph Schmidt III, AS 1980
  • Mr. D. Tate Rich, AS 1976 LW 1979 and Mrs. Nora W. Rich, EN 1978
  • Beq. of John W. Rich, AS 1951
  • Mrs. Karen Goss Rich, AS 1985 and Mr. J. William Rich, DU 1985
  • Mrs. Mariel Bentz Rich, NR 2012 and Mr. David Tate Rich Jr., OG 2009
  • Mr. Tim M. Richards, AS 1992 and Mrs. Kathryn C. Richards
  • Ms. Brandi Richardson
  • Dr. Charles H. Richardson III, AS 1965 and Mrs. Lucy G. Richardson
  • Mr. Eli Jeremy Richardson, LW 1992 and Mrs. Erin M. Richardson
  • Mr. J. David Richardson, AS 1971 and Mrs. Rene' Jean Smith Richardson, AS 1978
  • Mr. Jack L. Richardson
  • Mr. Jasper Richardson and Mrs. Jennifer Richardson
  • Ms. Mary M. Richardson
  • Mr. Michael Andrew Richardson, EN 1967 LW 1975 and Mrs. Patricia Taylor Richardson, PB 1967 PB 1969
  • Mr. Thomas J. Richardson and Nancy Richardson
  • Mr. Timothy Lee Richardson, PB 1989
  • Mr. Wells Richardson, AS 1954
  • Dr. Robert E. Richie, MD 1959 and Dr. Mary Fern Richie, NR 1975 NR 1983 DV 2006
  • Mr. Dudley C. Richter and Mrs. Peggy S. Richter
  • Dr. John Alston Riddick, MD 2001 and Mrs. Amy Liz Riddick
  • Ms. Tabitha Ridge
  • Mr. David L. Ridings, EN 1971
  • Mr. Nathan H. Ridley, AS 1976 and Mrs. Connie F. Ridley
  • Dr. Robert W. Ridley and Mrs. Velma J. Ridley
  • Mr. Louis Rieke, OG 1988 and Mrs. Debbie Rieke
  • Dr. Heather Marguerite Rietz, AS 1990 MD 1994
  • Trevor Rifkin
  • Mr. Robert Edward Rigsby Jr., EN 1987
  • Dan Riley
  • Ms. Rhonda M Riley
  • Mr. Steven A. Riley, AS 1974 LW 1978 and Mrs. Laura Trickett Riley, AS 1974
  • Dr. Darrel R. Rinehart
  • Rio Grande Fence Co.
  • Mr. Harry Ristau and Mrs. Kim D. Ristau
  • Mr. Jason S. Rittenberry
  • Mr. Stephen S. Riven, AS 1960 and Mrs. Jan B. Riven
  • Ms. Cheryl Ann Rivers and Mr. Andrew Rivers
  • Mr. John M. Rivers, Jr.
  • Mr. Thomas G. Roady III, AS 1972 and Mrs. Kris G. Roady
  • Mr. Jeremy Michael Robb, BL 2001 and Mrs. Carley Hightower Robb
  • Mr. Bret R. Robbe
  • Dr. Ivan M. Robbins and Mrs. Cherie R. Robbins, NR 1997
  • Dr. Lansdon B. Robbins II, AS 1956 MD 1962
  • Mr. Nathan Robe
  • Ms. Cynthia B Roberts
  • Mr. David E. Roberts
  • Ms. Heather V. Roberts, EN 1995 LW 2000
  • Jana L Roberts
  • Mr. Kenneth L. Roberts, AS 1954 LW 1959 and Mrs. Delphine Sloan Roberts, AS 1961
  • Mr. Lonnie E. Roberts and Mrs. Renae B. Roberts
  • Marsha L Roberts
  • Mr. Martin Smith Roberts III, OG 2004
  • Mr. S. Glynn Roberts
  • Mr. Tracy Roberts
  • Mr. William Clifford Roberts Jr., AS 1981
  • Ms. Alison Marie Robertson, EN 2003
  • Mr. Paul D. Robertson
  • Mr. William Robertson and Mrs. Rhonda Robertson
  • Ms. Elizabeth Baldwin Robinson Moss, AS 1992 and Mr. Gary Curtis Moss Jr., AS 1992
  • Mr. Bailey P. Robinson III, EN 1966 and Mrs. Laura Wright Robinson
  • Mr. Dan R. Robinson, AS 1975 and Mrs. Mary P. Robinson, PB 1975
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Leigh Robinson, AS 1982 and Mr. James M. Robinson
  • Dr. Garner E. Robinson, AS 1958 and Mrs. Mildred Jesse Robinson, PB 1958
  • Mrs. Norma Lou Loetz Robinson, GS 1954
  • Ms. Sandra L. Robinson
  • Mr. Thomas D. Robinson, EN 1957 and Mrs. Anne Robinson
  • Mr. Thomas M. Robinson III, AS 1953
  • Mr. James Curry Robison, AS 1969
  • Mr. Mark A. Robison
  • Brad C Roby
  • Ms. Caroline Carson Roche, PB 2001 NR 2002 and Mr. Robert LaFollette West, LW 2001
  • Mr. Robert M Rock Jr.
  • Mr. Stephen Anthony Rock, AS 2001
  • Mr. Scott Roder
  • Mrs. Mitzi Rodgers and Mr. Michael Rodgers
  • Mr. Alfred Tate Rogers Jr., AS 1987
  • Mr. Alfred Tate Rogers, Sr. and Mrs. Alfred Tate Rogers Sr.
  • Mrs. Barbara Massey Rogers, AS 1960 and Mr. Doyle Rogers
  • Mrs. Helen Sfikas Rogers, AS 1974
  • Mr. James E. Rogers
  • Mr. John Franklin Rogers Jr., AS 1986 and Mrs. Amy Carr Rogers
  • Mr. Lewis P. Rogers, AS 1974
  • John Roggli
  • Dr. Kimberly Draud Rohmiller, EN 1994 and Dr. Michael T. Rohmiller
  • Mr. Robert L. Roland
  • Mr. William Vaughan Rolfe, PB 1987 and Mrs. Cathryn Johnson Rolfe
  • Mr. Ben Rolin
  • Mr. James Roller and Mrs. Linda Roller
  • Ms. Karen E. Rolling
  • Alaina Rollins
  • Dr. James M. Rollins, AS 1969 and Mrs. Laetitia Rollins
  • Mr. Patrick David Rooney, AS 2006
  • Mr. Mark Roop
  • Mr. Doug A Roper
  • Dr. John David Rosdeutscher, AS 1987 MD 1991 and Dr. Kimberly Rosdeutscher, AS 1988
  • Mr. Don G. Rose and Mrs. Kathy Rose
  • Mr. Robert E. Rose, EN 1960
  • Dr. Stephen Matthew Rose, EN 1993 and Mrs. Aileen Salud Rose, AS 1994
  • Mr. Rick Callen Rosen, AS 1979
  • Paul A. Rosenblatt, M.D., AS 1973 MD 1977 and Mrs. Peggy M. Rosenblatt
  • Mr. Stephen W. Rosenblatt, AS 1970 and Mrs. Elisabeth G. Rosenblatt
  • Mr. Andrew Rosendick
  • Mr. Howard R. Ross, AS 1974
  • Larry Ross
  • Ms. Ruth S. Ross M.S.N., R.N., NR 1988
  • Mr. Scott Andrew Ross, AS 1974 and Mrs. Virginia Doran Ross
  • Mr. Matthew John Rotenberry, AS 2009
  • Prof. John A. Roth
  • Ms. Kimbra Roush
  • Bernard Rousseau, Ph.D. and Mrs. Alicia Cobb Rousseau
  • Mr. Thomas Alexander Rousseau, AS 1989 OG 1995
  • Dr. Ben Hardin Rowan III, EN 1989
  • Dr. William H. Rowan Jr., EN 1955 and Mrs. William H. Rowan Jr., PB 1951 PB 1959
  • Mrs. Barbaranelle Paxton Rowe, AS 1991 and Mr. Chris Douglas Rowe, AS 1991
  • Mrs. Deborah W. Rowe and Dr. David M. Rowe
  • Mr. Mike Rowland
  • Mrs. Judith Rucker and Mr. Herman H. Rucker
  • Mr. Robert P. Rucker, Jr. and Mrs. Jackie E. Rucker
  • Ms. Rachel Lynn Ruckstuhl, AS 2009
  • Mr. David Rudd
  • Mr. Gerard H. Rudden and Mrs. Jeanne P. Rudden
  • Dr. James E. Ruff, AS 1958
  • Dr. Jerard G. Ruff and Mrs. Nancy J. Ruff
  • Mrs. Whitney P. Ruff, GS 1988 and Dr. Michael E. Ruff, AS 1983 MD 1987
  • Mr. Matthew Ruland
  • Jerry Rush
  • Donald J. Russ, M.D.
  • LTC H. Kent Russ, AS 1963
  • Mr. Bobby Russell
  • Mr. Forrest J. Russell, EN 1966 and Mrs. Lora Ritchey Russell
  • Hon. Franklin Lee Russell, AS 1974 LW 1977
  • Mr. John E. Russell, AS 1963 LW 1966
  • Ms. Donna Jean Ruth, NR 1980 NR 1990
  • Jim Rutherford
  • Ms. Debbie Joan Rutledge, AS 1979 OG 1987 and Mr. Clarence Heard, Jr.
  • Mr. Mark Stuart Rutter, AS 2012
  • Mr. Christopher Owen Ryals, PB 1995
  • Mr. Dan Ryan, PB 1996 and Mrs. Gena L. Ryan
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Turney Ryan, AS 1991 and Dr. Sean Patrick Ryan
  • Mr. James Thomas Ryan III, AS 2007
  • Mr. Justin Pace Ryan, PB 1999 and Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Ryan
  • Mr. Michael O'Neil Ryan and Mrs. Pamela Stone Ryan
  • Mr. Peter Francis Ryan Jr., EN 2000 and Ms. Beth Dever-Ryan
  • Mr. Kirk A. Ryder and Ms. Lucy Carter-Ryder
  • Mr. Brian D. Rye, AS 1996 and Dr. Colleen B. Rye
  • Shirley Rye
  • Mr. Carlos Alexander Ryerson, EN 2000 and Mrs. Polly Dempsey Ryerson, PB 2002
  • Ms. Rachel Elise Ryerson, AS 1998
  • Mr. Stephen W. Rzasnicki, AS 1996

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  • "I chose Vanderbilt because it represents the best of both worlds with educational opportunities and a chance to compete against the top athletes in the nation. Those who support the National Commodore Club do more than just help us athletically—they allow us to develop as people and achieve our aspirations and future goals. Thanks for all you do!”
    —Simone Charley,
    Soccer and Track
    Hoover, AL
    All-American First Team
    (Indoor Track & Field, 2015)
    All-SEC First Team
    (Soccer, 2014)
    SEC First-Year Academic
    Honor Roll (2014)

  • “I'm thankful for the opportunity to attend an amazing school and stay so close to home. Vanderbilt has become a second home. I truly love and care about this place, and the support from National Commodore Club members helps to make it great. From the classroom to the field in Omaha, their support is essential to our success. It allows us to be champions!” —Bryan Reynolds,
    Brentwood, TN
    All-American Freshman
    First Team (2014)
    All-SEC Freshman Team (2014)

  • "Vanderbilt has been a truly special place for me. I am grateful to be a Commodore and wear black and gold on game days. My experiences at Vanderbilt are made possible through the generosity of others. I want to thank you for being a part of our game plan for success. Your support gives me and my teammates the opportunity to develop into the total Vanderbilt Man, and those lessons will last a lifetime." —Ralph Webb,
    Gainesville, FL

  • "I am so thrilled I chose the come to Vanderbilt because I have grown as a person, student and player—and I have learned so much about myself during the past two years. The support of National Commodore Club members provides me the opportunity to recieve the education of a lifetime and compete in the sport that I have always loved. Thanks for all you do. Your impact is more than you know!" —Rebekah Dahlman,
    Women's basketball
    Braham, MN

  • "I'm proud to be a part of Commodore Nation. We all come from different places and backgrounds to be a part of a top-notch environment for academics and athletics. It's an honor to know we are supported by National Commodore Club members across the country. It all starts with them. They help make this experience great. They are part of our successes. Thank you!”—Luke Kornet,
    Men's Basketball
    Lantana, TX
    SEC First-Year Academic
    Honor Roll (2014)