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National Commodore Club

Athletic Donors

2013-2014 Donors


Give to AthleticsAt Vanderbilt University, we are truly grateful to the following individuals, foundations and corporations who supported Vanderbilt athletics between July 1, 2013, and June 30, 2014. All gifts, regardless of size or designation, help advance the mission of Vanderbilt.

Oak Leaf Society Capstone — 20 or more years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Ambassador — 10 to 19 years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Founder — 2 to 9 years of consecutive giving
° deceased

Alphabetical listing for FY13-14 donors. To view this list by giving level, please click here.
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Primary Donor with Last Name Starting K

  • Dr. Jon H. Kaas and Ms. Barbara H. Martin
  • The Hon. Charles J. Kahn, Jr., AS 1973 and Mrs. Janet S. Kahn
  • Miss Mary Thomas Kain, PB 1951
  • Dr. Brant Hume Kairit, AS 1995
  • Mr. J. Leland Kallmyer, EN 1963
  • Mr. Stephen Michael Kamb, AS 2006
  • Mr. David Kan, EN 1997 and Ms. Dana L Kan, PB 1997 GS 2015
  • Dr. Mark Randall Kaplan, MD 1988 and Dr. Hillary Rachel Kaplan
  • Mr. Michel G. Kaplan, AS 1968 LW 1971 and Mrs. Rita E. Kaplan, PB 1978 PB 1989
  • Dr. Milind Vasant Karkare, GS 1987 GS 1993 and Dr. Anita H. Corbett, GS 1992
  • Ms. Jamie Laura Karoff, AS 2008 PB 2011
  • Mr. James Douglas Kasten Jr, AS 2010
  • Mr. Jeremy P. Kath, AS 2000 and Mrs. Lisa Leatherman Kath, AS 2003
  • Mr. Howard M. Katzenstein and Mrs. Terri L. Katzenstein
  • Mrs. Jane C. Kaufman and Dr. Gary G. Kaufman
  • Mr. Richard Martin Kaufman, AS 1956
  • Mr. John R. Kavanaugh and Mrs. Joann Kavanaugh
  • Jeremy J. Kaye, M.D. and Mrs. M. Bernadette Kaye
  • Mr. William S. Kaye, AS 1975 LW 1978
  • Mrs. Belma R. Keaton, NR 1958
  • Mr. Lawrence T. Keaton, EN 1971 and Mrs. Kathryn M. Keaton, EN 1976
  • Ms. Kellie Ann Keehn
  • Mrs. Elizabeth H. Keenan and Mr. Michael Keenan
  • Mr. Eugene Keenan III, AS 1989 and Mrs. Jewel Ann Keenan
  • Mr. David C. Keene, AS 1971 PB 1973
  • Dr. Brad Kehler, AS 1997 and Lori Ann Kehler, O.D.
  • Mr. Robert D. Keith
  • Mr. Steven Howard Keith, AS 1981
  • Mrs. Barbara G. Keldie, AS 1977 and Dr. Carl J. Keldie
  • Miss Deborah Ann Keller
  • Mr. Caleb L. Kelley
  • Mr. Chester Kelley III, AS 1977
  • Dr. Andrew Howard Kellum, AS 1978
  • Mrs. Barbara P. Kelly
  • Mr. John Philip Kelly Jr., AS 1993 and Mrs. Molly Kelly
  • Mr. Philip C. Kelly, LW 1975
  • Mr. William B. Kelly, AS 1968 and Mrs. Glenda Kelly
  • Howard Cecil Keltner
  • Angela Kemp
  • Tim Kemp
  • Mr. Jason Elmer Kendall, EN 1992
  • Mr. Jordan Thomas Kendig, PB 2005 PB 2006
  • Mr. Harold W. Kendrick, GS 1968
  • Jim Kennedy Leasing Inc.
  • Martha Kennedy, NR 2010
  • Mrs. Patricia P. Kennedy and Mr. James P. Kennedy
  • Mrs. Diane L. Kent and John Charles Kent
  • Mr. John Kent, Jr., AS 1995
  • Mr. Richard Bradley Kent, AS 2013
  • Mr. Lawrence Kris Kentera and Mrs. Kimberly Ligas Kentera
  • Mr. Donald W. Kenton and Mrs. Nadita R. Kenton
  • Mr. J. Bruce Kenworthy III, EN 1980 and Mrs. Gail A. Kenworthy
  • Dr. Jeffrey Eliot Kerlan, AS 1994 and Mrs. Denise Cooper Kerlan
  • Ms. April Danielle Kerr
  • Mrs. Meg Welling Kerr, PB 1994
  • Mrs. Deborah Lynn Gensburg Kerrigan, PB 2006 and Dr. Jimmy Lee Kerrigan, AS 2006
  • Ms. Erin Leigh Kersh, EN 2010 GS 2012
  • Mr. Andy Scot Kershner, AS 1990
  • Mr. William Rabun Ketchum III, AS 1988 and Mrs. Melissa Murfee Ketchum, AS 1987
  • Mr. Kevin S. Key, AS 1978 and Mrs. Carol L. Bacon Key, AS 1980
  • Marilyn Charlen Key, OG 2009
  • Mrs. Colleen Mahan Keyes, PB 1977 and Mr. Larry D. Keyes
  • Ms. Vivian Keyser
  • Mr. Jay Michael Kholos and Paula S Kholos
  • Mrs. Joane Kibbons, AS 1958
  • Valerie Ann Kibler
  • Ms. Sandra K. Kidd, AS 1980 OG 1986
  • Cynthia Lynn Kildgore
  • Mrs. Deborah M. Kilichowski and Mr. William S. Kilichowski
  • Barbara Ann Killebrew
  • Ms. Kathryn Dianne Killebrew, PB 1982
  • Mr. David Killion, AS 2004 and Mrs. Kathryn Mathis Killion, AS 2006
  • Mr. Dean Kim, LW 1997 OG 1997 and Ms. Jennifer Lynn Kim, NR 1997
  • Mrs. Carroll E. Kimball, AS 1984 and Mr. Gary Robert Kimball III, AS 1984 OG 1985 GS 2012
  • Mr. A. Charles Kimbrough Sr., AS 1960
  • Mrs. Ann C. King
  • Mr. Clay T. King
  • Mr. Gary Lee King
  • Mr. Gregory King
  • Mr. Ian Robert King, EN 2012
  • Mr. Jack F. King Jr., AS 1971 LW 1974 and Mrs. Kristie Grace King
  • Jerry King
  • Ms. Kandice L King
  • Ms. Lauren King
  • Mrs. Lizbeth L. King, OG 1995 and Mr. Blair MacLellan King, OG 1995
  • Lloyd E. King, Jr., M.D. PhD, AS 1961 and Mrs. Lloyd E. King Jr.
  • Mr. Mason Wyatt King, EN 2014
  • Ms. Pamela King
  • Mr. Whitfield King, Jr., AS 1951
  • Mr. William B. King Jr., LW 1971 and Mrs. Robin Cypert King
  • Mr. Dan W. Kinkade
  • Will Kinman, AS 1994
  • Mr. Grant Mackenzie Kinnett, AS 2000 OG 2007 and Mrs. Sandra M. Kinnett
  • Mr. Kevin F. Kinney and Mrs. Kathleen M. Kinney
  • Dr. Donald L. Kinser and Mrs. Barbara E. Kinser
  • Mr. Justin Andrew Kirby and Mrs. Brittany Hollows Kirby
  • Dr. Frederick K. Kirchner Jr.
  • Mrs. Jane Backstrom Kirchner, PB 1966 PB 1967 PB 1968 and Mr. Frank Michael Kirchner, PB 1967 PB 1970
  • Mr. William G. Kirk
  • Mr. Ryan Anderson Kirkland, EN 2005 GS 2009 and Mrs. Catherine McCracken Kirkland, PB 2005 NR 2006
  • Mrs. Jill Goldberg Kispert, AS 1989
  • David Kitchen
  • Mr. Jenner Ray Kizer, AS 2012
  • Mr. Gregory August Klassen, PB 2014
  • Dr. John Joseph Kleeman and Ms. Gayle Elaine Christmas
  • Mr. Stephen Howard Klein, EN 2008
  • Mr. William Zachary Klein, AS 2003 and Mrs. Heather Ritz Klein, PB 2003
  • Mr. Leighton Alexis Klevana, PB 1991
  • Dr. Ann Maria Klinkenborg, PB 1989
  • Dr. Kimberly A. Klippenstein, AS 1986 MD 1990 and Mr. Kelly D. Klippenstein, PB 1987
  • Mr. Gershon Klotwog and Mrs. Joyce K. Klotwog
  • Angela Knalls
  • Mr. Terry W. Knepper, EN 1965
  • Mrs. Cherie R. Knight-Batey and Mr. Samuel R. Batey
  • Mr. Herbert P. Knopp and Mrs. Judith Ann Knopp
  • Mrs. Louise C. Knowles, PB 1957 PB 1963
  • Mr. Ronald F. Knox Jr., AS 1967 GS 1969 and Mrs. Kaye K. Knox, PB 1967
  • Mrs. Erin A. Koch and Mr. Fred D. Koch
  • Ms. Pam L. Koerner
  • Dr. Warren E. Koffler, AS 1972
  • Mrs. Ruth Ann Koleas
  • Ms. Elizabeth D. Kolwyck
  • Mr. David I. Komisar
  • Mr. Joseph Aaron Kon, AS 2014
  • Miss Margaret Walls Kopf, AS 1995
  • Mr. Robert Y. Kopf Jr., LW 1969
  • Mr. Eric Kopstain
  • Mrs. Donna S. Kowalski and Mr. Anthony E. Kowalski
  • Mr. Lee S. Kraft and Mrs. Glenda M. Kraft
  • Mr. James Scott Kramka, GS 1988 and Dr. Anne Marie Tharpe, GS 1980 GS 1994
  • Mr. Michael O. Krawcheck, AS 1961 and Mrs. Joan B. Krawcheck
  • Mrs. Lisa P. Kriegshauser and Mr. Timothy A. Kriegshauser
  • Mrs. Barbara Ann Krispin and Mr. William E. Krispin
  • Ms. Kay McIntyre Krug, AS 1962
  • Ms. Barbara J. Krumsiek and Mr. Bart M. Leonard
  • Mr. Richard Edward Kubanik, AS 2007 and Mrs. Elizabeth Anne Kubanik, LW 2011
  • Dr. Marcia Parra Kucaba, AS 1993 and Dr. Walter Dean Kucaba
  • Mr. Joel Michael Kuehnert, EN 1993 and Mrs. Holli P. Kuehnert
  • Mr. Gus D. Kuhn III and Mrs. Elaine R. Kuhn
  • Mr. Irwin J. Kuhn, AS 1976 and Mrs. Diane S. Kuhn
  • Mr. Paul H. Kuhn Jr., AS 1965
  • Mrs. Linda Joy Kula-Gunter, AS 1991 and Dr. Michael Martin Gunter Jr., AS 1991
  • Mr. William N. Kulsrud and Mrs. Barbara K. Kulsrud
  • Mrs. Christina Maria Kunowsky and Mr. Gregory Allen Kunowsky
  • Ms. Lisa Kurtz
  • Prof. Paul M. Kurtz, AS 1968 LW 1972 and Mrs. Carol Porter Kurtz, PB 1971
  • The Hon. Walter C. Kurtz, LW 1972 and Chanc. Ellen Hobbs Lyle
  • Ms. Amanda Lynn Kush, OG 2011
  • Mr. Andrew Graham Kuykendall, AS 2013 OG 2015
  • Mr. Matthew Craig Kuykendall, EN 2010
  • Dr. Samuel J. Kuykendall III, EN 1972 MD 1976 and Mrs. Lucy Scott Fuqua Kuykendall, AS 1973 GS 1983
  • Mr. Alexander Brian Kwak, AS 2005
  • Mrs. Christine Keeley Kyle, PB 2003
  • Mr. Gregory Stephen Kyle, AS 1998 and Mrs. Erica Lauren Kyle, AS 2005
  • Mrs. Sandra M. Kyne, PB 1961 DU 1983 and Dr. Peter J. Kyne

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  • "Coming from California, Vanderbilt became my new home. With the opportunity to compete at the highest level of academics and basketball, I have learned that I represent something bigger than myself. I will forever be a part of the Vanderbilt family, and I know my family at home will be very proud once I receive my degree.” —Jasmine Lister,
    Women’s Basketball

  • “Vanderbilt gives me choices like no other school. I can earn a prestigious degree, compete in the SEC and play in front of thousands of great fans. I can't imagine being anywhere else.” —Rod Odom,
    Men’s Basketball

  • "The opportunity to be a student-athlete and get an education at Vanderbilt University has developed my mind more than anything else. I've learned that discipline and work ethic, among other things, allow you to break past the barriers that your body and mind have created to become the best you can be athletically and academically. I am blessed to be a Vanderbilt Commodore.” —Tyler Beede,