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National Commodore Club

Athletic Donors

2013-2014 Donors


Give to AthleticsAt Vanderbilt University, we are truly grateful to the following individuals, foundations and corporations who supported Vanderbilt athletics between July 1, 2013, and June 30, 2014. All gifts, regardless of size or designation, help advance the mission of Vanderbilt.

Oak Leaf Society Capstone — 20 or more years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Ambassador — 10 to 19 years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Founder — 2 to 9 years of consecutive giving
° deceased

Alphabetical listing for FY13-14 donors. To view this list by giving level, please click here.
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Primary Donor with Last Name Starting F

  • F & M Bank
  • Mr. John McKenzie Fagan, PB 2005
  • Mr. Clifton D. Fain
  • Mr. C. Wayne Faircloth Jr., AS 1968 and Mrs. Paula H. Faircloth
  • Mrs. Katharine Jeans Falco and Mr. Jerry S. Falco
  • Robert W Falls
  • Mr. Lee Andrew Fann, PB 2011 PB 2013
  • Mr. Terry A. Fann and Mrs. Vicki R. Fann
  • Jason Perry Farese, DMD, AS 1997
  • Mrs. Louisa R. Farley and Mr. Franklin D. Farley
  • Michael S Farmer
  • Mrs. Amanda Cunningham Farnsworth, AS 1981 GS 1983 and Mr. Bob Farnsworth
  • Mr. Dan B. Farrar Jr., AS 1972 and Mrs. Bonnie B. Farrar
  • Mrs. James H. Farrar, AS 1959
  • Ms. Lynn A. Farrar
  • Mrs. Deborah Reule Farringer, LW 2002 and Mr. John Lee Farringer IV, LW 2002
  • Dr. R. Kent Farris, AS 1963 MD 1966 and Mrs. Susan Additon Farris, NR 1967
  • Mrs. Tamara Tinsley Fassinger, AS 1985 and Mr. Glen Edward Fassinger, EN 1985 OG 1993
  • Dr. Charles T. Faulkner and Mrs. Margaret J. Faulkner
  • Mrs. Katie L. Faulkner and Mr. Scott L. Faulkner
  • Mrs. Mindy Faulkner and Mr. David Faulkner
  • Katie Howell Fayard and John P. Fayard
  • Dr. Scott Fayne, AS 1979 and Mrs. Linda Hill Fayne
  • Ms. Sarah Catherine Feagles, AS 2008
  • Mrs. Carolyn Burgess Featheringill
  • Dr. John P. K. Featheringill, EN 1970 and Mrs. Regina Featheringill, NR 1980
  • Mrs. Virginia B. Featherston and Mr. J. Mark Featherston
  • Mr. Jeffrey Bradford Fecht, AS 1995 LW 1998
  • Ms. Jo D. Federspiel, OG 1975 and Dr. Charles F. Federspiel
  • Mr. Alexander Eugene Feinberg, AS 2008
  • Mr. Ross Abraham Feinberg, AS 2012
  • Mr. John L L. Feininger Jr., EN 1984 and Mrs. Elleanore L. Feininger, AS 1985
  • Mr. Noah W. Feinstone, AS 2002
  • Mr. Steven R. Feldberg and Ms. Sally B Feldberg
  • Dr. Leonard C. Feldman and Mrs. Elizabeth G. Feldman
  • Mr. Ronald I. Feldman, AS 1969 LW 1972 and Mrs. Dana Kendall Feldman, AS 1969
  • Mr. Robert Fellman
  • Mr. Peter S. Felsenthal, AS 1975
  • Mrs. Amanda Caroline Fend, OG 2009 and Mr. Nathan Thomas Fend, OG 2009
  • Mrs. Emily Biedenharn Fenske, EN 2006 and Mr. Gregory Fenske
  • LT Julie Ann Fenstermaker, AS 2009
  • Mr. Charles William Fentress, AS 1952 and Mrs. Juanita M. Fentress
  • Kristen Ann Fentress
  • Phyllis Fentress
  • Dr. James L. Ferguson Jr., AS 1965 and Mrs. Gail Pantall Ferguson
  • Dr. Morris Dean Ferguson, AS 1954
  • Mr. William H. Ferguson, AS 1970
  • Mr. Jason Wells Fernandez, AS 2003
  • Ms. Lori Burch Ferranti, NR 2001 OG 2001 GS 2009 and Mr. Tom Ferranti
  • Michael Ferrell
  • Mr. Russell Louis Ferreri, EN 1998 and Mrs. Natalee Ferreri
  • Ms. Karen Thomas Fesmire, AS 1980 and Dr. William M. Fesmire, AS 1980
  • Ms. Janice C. Fetner
  • Ms. Kathryn C. Feyes
  • Mr. Jack P. Ficken and Ms. Susan Lynn Ficken, NR 1997
  • Mr. Tom Fielder
  • Mr. Jerry G. Fife and Mrs. Mary Ann Fife
  • Mr. Ronnie L. Filson and Mrs. Jerry Anne Filson
  • Dr. Andrew J. Finch, PB 1996 GS 2003 and Mrs. Debora Cristine Finch, PB 1997
  • Clint Finch
  • Mr. Curtis Finch, Jr., AS 1955
  • Mrs. Edna Ruth Finch and Mr. Tom Finch
  • Mr. Paul C. Finch and Mrs. Paul C. Finch
  • Dr. W. Tyree Finch
  • Mr. T. Aldrich Finegan
  • Mr. Robert M. Finks Jr., AS 1966
  • Mrs. Barbara B. Finneran
  • Mr. Gregory T. Firek
  • Mr. Dennis J. Fischer, AS 1961
  • Mr. David Jason Fischoff, AS 2013
  • Ms. Amanda Fitzpatrick Fish, PB 2007
  • Mr. Roger D. Fish, AS 1965 and Mrs. Lydia L. Cox, PB 1980
  • Mr. Frederick M. Fisher, AS 1976 and Mrs. Barbara K. Fisher, NR 1978
  • Mr. James David Fisher
  • Mrs. Jennifer L. Fisher and Mr. Charles R. Fisher
  • Mr. John E. Fisher
  • Mr. John T. Fisher, Jr., AS 1950 LW 1954 and Mrs. Carolyn Reynolds Fisher
  • Ms. Laurie Bankston Fisher, AS 1988
  • Mr. Timothy B. Fisk, EN 1975 OG 1976 and Mrs. Barbara McMillian Fisk, AS 1978
  • Dr. John Thomas Fitch, AS 1991 MD 1995 and Mrs. Christina Napoli Fitch, PB 1992
  • Mr. Barton B. Fite
  • Mr. Andrew P. Fitzgerald
  • Mr. John David Fitzgerald, Jr., AS 1966 LW 1969 and Dr. Mary Trabue Fitzgerald, AS 1968 GS 1969 GS 1985
  • Mr. Joseph W. Fitzgerald and Mrs. Andrea M. Fitzgerald
  • Lendell Fitzgerald
  • Mr. Richard H. Fitzgerald, AS 1968 and Mrs. Margaret H. Fitzgerald
  • Susan Kay Fitzgerald
  • Mr. William Edward Fitzgibbon IV, AS 1990 and Ms. Dawn Victoria S. Fitzgibbon, OG 2000
  • Prof. Brian T. Fitzpatrick
  • Mrs. Joanna Buchanan Fitzpatrick
  • Dr. Noah Jack Fitzpatrick IV, EN 1991
  • Mr. Patrick West Flaherty, PB 1994 and Mrs. Tania Flaherty
  • Mr. Jerry Wayne Flannery and Mrs. Becky Ann Flannery
  • James A. Flatt, M.D., AS 1981 MD 1985 and Mrs. Elizabeth Reeves Flatt, AS 1983
  • Mr. Zachary Evan Fleetwood, EN 2012
  • Mr. Daniel James Fleming Jr., AS 2006 and Mrs. Sydney Conklin Fleming, PB 2006
  • Mr. Ray Fleming
  • Mrs. Andrea Dawnyell Fletcher
  • Dr. R. Stephen Flohr, AS 1969
  • Mrs. Alicia Haile Flood, AS 1972 and James H Flood
  • Ms. Nicolette Florio, PB 2014
  • Mr. Forrest Jefferson Flowers, EN 1985 GS 1987 and Mrs. Bonnie L. Flowers, GS 1987
  • Mr. J. Frank Floyd, AS 1976 and Mrs. Linda P. Floyd, AS 1978
  • Mr. Frank M. Fly
  • Mr. Lawrence Harrison Flynn, EN 2004 and Mrs. Amy Flynn
  • Mr. Robert E. Fogarty
  • Mr. Adam S. Fogle, AS 1997 OG 2002 and Dr. Dian Sanders Fogle, AS 1997
  • Mrs. Robin Lee Fogler and Mr. Edward I. Fogler
  • Mr. Timothy Folan and Mrs. Korin Clark Folan
  • Patricia P Foland and Mr. Daniel Foland
  • Mr. Matthew H. Fones and Mrs. Anne-Taylor Fones
  • Mr. Peter A. Fontaine, OG 1999 and Mrs. Claudia Fontaine, OG 2012
  • Mr. Lee B. Forb, AS 1969 LW 1972
  • Mr. Drew Forbes
  • Mr. James Forbes
  • Mr. James D. Forbess and Mrs. Charlotte D. Forbess
  • Mr. Randall Duncan Ford, PB 1977 PB 1978 and Mrs. Melanie Baker Ford, PB 1977
  • Mr. William L. Ford III, AS 1953 and Mrs. William L. Ford III, AS 1957
  • Mr. Charles L. Forker and Mrs. Charles L. Forker
  • Mr. Geoffrey S. Forney
  • Mr. Phillip Tate Forrester, AS 2002 and Mrs. Kirk Reed Forrester, PB 2002
  • Charles Forte
  • Mr. Dudley L. Fortner
  • Dr. Jeffrey C Fosnes, AS 1976 MD 1980 and Mrs. Margot Hornsby Fosnes, AS 1978
  • M. Stratton Foster Fdn
  • Mr. Derrick Foster
  • Mr. Patrick A. Foster
  • Mr. Todd Foster, AS 1987
  • Mr. John Paul Fougerousse, AS 2000 and Mrs. Heyward Morris Fougerousse, AS 2000
  • Mr. Matthew William Foust, PB 2008
  • Mr. David B. Foutch
  • Dr. Greta Louise Fowinkle, NR 1994 NR 2011
  • Mr. Gary L. Fowler, AS 1971 and Mrs. Tina F. Fowler
  • Mr. John A. Fowler and Mrs. Jeannie Polson Fowler
  • Mrs. Mary Claiborne Boylin Fowler, PB 1993 and Dr. Chad Eric Fowler, EN 1994
  • Mr. Michael Alexander Fowler, EN 1993
  • Mrs. Virginia Huth Fowler, AS 1963 and Mr. James E. Fowler
  • Dr. Wiley L. Fowler, AS 1994
  • Mr. David S. Fowlkes and Mrs. Mollie L. Fowlkes
  • Betty Jane Fox
  • Mr. Bob Fox and Ms. Dona J. Tapp
  • Mrs. Joyce Dubrov Fox, PB 1978 and Mr. Gilbert Samuel Fox III, OG 1982
  • Mr. Peter A. Fox Jr., AS 1968 and Mrs. Peter A. Fox Jr., AS 1969
  • Mr. David Caldwell Frame, AS 1993 OG 1998 and Mrs. Kathryn Hawfield Frame, OG 1998
  • Mr. Clyde Milton Francis III, PB 1980
  • Mr. Sidney C. Francisco
  • Mr. Douglas Charles Franck, AS 1988 and Ms. Lara Sanders Franck, AS 1992
  • Mr. Andrew Dean Frank, PB 2007
  • Mrs. Kim Horne Frank, PB 1980 PB 1992 and Mr. Richard Horton Frank III, LW 1980
  • Mr. Larry M. Frank, AS 1956
  • Mr. Stanley P. Frank, AS 1958 and Mrs. Phyllis M. Frank
  • Mr. Robert H. Franke, AS 1985
  • Mr. Michael G. Frankich
  • Franklin American Mortgage Co
  • Mr. Brett Franklin
  • Mrs. Carol L. Franklin and Mr. Thomas M. Franklin
  • Mrs. Jacqueline L. Franklin and Mr. Clift C. Franklin
  • Mr. James G. Franklin and Mrs. Funmilayo Franklin
  • Ms. Laura Yvette Franklin and Mr. Jon Perry
  • Mr. Preacher Franklin
  • Ms. Vanessa Renee Franklin
  • Mr. Bobby Franks
  • Mr. Will Franks and Mrs. Gayle Franks
  • Mr. Bruce Frasier
  • Mr. Randle D. Frazer Jr., AS 1965 and Mrs. Jennette Frazer
  • David Odell Frazier
  • Mr. Robert A. Frech III
  • Ms. Alyson Rose Freeman, AS 2006 OG 2008
  • Ms. Brenda Susan Freeman, AS 1980
  • Mr. Gregory James Freeman, AS 1993 and Mrs. Tammy Freeman
  • Ms. Isis O. Freeman, AS 2014
  • Dr. Kevin Scott Freeman, AS 1992 and Ms. Carole Lynn Graham, AS 1992
  • Ms. Margaret Spies Freeman, PB 2005 PB 2006 and Mr. Richard Lee Freeman, PB 2006
  • Dr. Mark P. Freeman, AS 1976
  • Mr. Rodney L. Freeman, AS 1973 and Mrs. Dinah Freeman, AS 1974
  • Susan E Freeman
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Goodwin Frein, PB 1992 and Mr. James Frederick Frein, AS 1992
  • Mr. Bradley Stephen French, AS 2008
  • Miss Ruth Ella French, PB 1952
  • Bob Frensley Chrysler
  • Mr. Bob Freudenthal and Mrs. Michelle Freudenthal
  • Mr. Scott Frey
  • Fridrich Group
  • Mr. Chip Fridrich, PB 1990 and Mrs. Heather Fridrich
  • Mr. Frank K. Friedman, LW 1985 and Ms. Melissa W. Friedman, LW 1984
  • Ms. Patricia Daniel Friedman, AS 1985 LW 1988
  • Mr. Matthew M. Friestedt, LW 1996 and Ms. Leigh Ernst Friestedt, LW 1996
  • Mrs. Jennifer Rose Frist, EN 1993 and Mr. William R. Frist
  • Dr. Robert A. Frist, AS 1963 and Mrs. Carol Knox Frist, AS 1966
  • Dr. Thomas F. Frist Jr., AS 1961 and Mrs. Thomas F. Frist Jr., AS 1961
  • Mr. Thomas F. Frist, III and Mrs. Julie D. Frist
  • Ms. Brooke Fritz
  • Mr. James E. Fritz and Mrs. Deborah A. Fritz
  • Mr. John William Fritz, AS 1976
  • Mr. Delton H. Frost
  • Mr. Patrick Bridge Frost, AS 1982
  • Dr. A. Brent Fruin, AS 1993 MD 1998
  • Mr. David N. Fudge
  • Mr. Brendan P. Fuge
  • Mr. R. Lincoln Fuge Jr., AS 1974
  • Mr. Jason Bradley Fukuda, EN 1994 and Mrs. Neva Fukuda
  • Dr. Lawrence B. Fuldauer, PB 1974
  • Mr. Leslie M. Fuller III and Mrs. Tracy Y. Fuller
  • Mr. Randall D. Fuller
  • Dr. Nancy Hilliard Fullerton, PB 1964
  • Mr. Roger Fulmer
  • Mr. Charles Robert Fulton, AS 1988
  • Dr. Robert H. Funke, AS 1975 and Mrs. Martha M. Funke, AS 1975
  • Mr. L. Wilford Fuqua, AS 1964 LW 1968 and Mrs. Cathey O. Fuqua, AS 1968 GS 1971
  • Mrs. Pamela A. Fuqua and Mr. David Joey Fuqua
  • Christopher George Furey, M.D., AS 1985
  • Mr. Alfred L. Futrell Jr.
  • Dr. Danny Wayne Futrell, OG 1992

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  • "I chose Vanderbilt because it represents the best of both worlds with educational opportunities and a chance to compete against the top athletes in the nation. Those who support the National Commodore Club do more than just help us athletically—they allow us to develop as people and achieve our aspirations and future goals. Thanks for all you do!”
    —Simone Charley,
    Soccer and Track
    Hoover, AL
    All-American First Team
    (Indoor Track & Field, 2015)
    All-SEC First Team
    (Soccer, 2014)
    SEC First-Year Academic
    Honor Roll (2014)

  • “I'm thankful for the opportunity to attend an amazing school and stay so close to home. Vanderbilt has become a second home. I truly love and care about this place, and the support from National Commodore Club members helps to make it great. From the classroom to the field in Omaha, their support is essential to our success. It allows us to be champions!” —Bryan Reynolds,
    Brentwood, TN
    All-American Freshman
    First Team (2014)
    All-SEC Freshman Team (2014)

  • "Vanderbilt has been a truly special place for me. I am grateful to be a Commodore and wear black and gold on game days. My experiences at Vanderbilt are made possible through the generosity of others. I want to thank you for being a part of our game plan for success. Your support gives me and my teammates the opportunity to develop into the total Vanderbilt Man, and those lessons will last a lifetime." —Ralph Webb,
    Gainesville, FL

  • "I am so thrilled I chose the come to Vanderbilt because I have grown as a person, student and player—and I have learned so much about myself during the past two years. The support of National Commodore Club members provides me the opportunity to recieve the education of a lifetime and compete in the sport that I have always loved. Thanks for all you do. Your impact is more than you know!" —Rebekah Dahlman,
    Women's basketball
    Braham, MN

  • "I'm proud to be a part of Commodore Nation. We all come from different places and backgrounds to be a part of a top-notch environment for academics and athletics. It's an honor to know we are supported by National Commodore Club members across the country. It all starts with them. They help make this experience great. They are part of our successes. Thank you!”—Luke Kornet,
    Men's Basketball
    Lantana, TX
    SEC First-Year Academic
    Honor Roll (2014)