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National Commodore Club

Athletic Donors

2013-2014 Donors

College of Arts and Science

Give to College of Arts and ScienceAt Vanderbilt University, we are truly grateful to the following individuals, foundations and corporations who supported the College of Arts and Science between July 1, 2013, and June 30, 2014. Gifts of $2,500 or more during the 2014 fiscal year are recognized through the College Cabinet. All gifts, regardless of size or designation, help advance the mission of Vanderbilt.

Oak Leaf Society Capstone — 20 or more years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Ambassador — 10 to 19 years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Founder — 2 to 9 years of consecutive giving
° deceased

Alphabetical listing for FY13-14 donors. To view this list by giving level, please click here.
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Primary Donor with Last Name Starting O

  • Mr. Thomas Reed O'Beirne, AS 1989
  • Mr. Hugh A. O'Boyle and Ms. Maryalice J. Rosso
  • Joseph Raymond O'Brien, M.D., MPH, AS 1996
  • Mr. Michael Glen O'Brien, AS 2000
  • Mr. Philip Andrew O'Brien, AS 1989 and Mrs. Lee E. Macarthur O'Brien
  • Mrs. Deborah Hendricks O'Connell, AS 1978 and Mr. Michael Aaron O'Connell
  • Mr. Kevin James O'Connell, AS 1981 and Mrs. Marilyn K. O'Connell
  • Mr. Edward F. O'Connor, AS 1958
  • Mr. H. Thomas O'Hara and Mrs. Robin O'Hara
  • Mr. James Patrick O'Hare, AS 1987 and Mrs. Rachel Buchanan O'Hare, AS 1987
  • Mr. William O'Keefe and Mrs. Catherine L. O'Keefe
  • Mrs. Jacqueline O'Keeffe, AS 1954
  • Mr. Robert Cabery O'Leary Jr., AS 1991
  • Mrs. Ruth C. O'Loughlin, AS 1974
  • Mr. Michael S O'Malley and Mrs. Marianne O'Malley
  • Mrs. Sally Barlow O'Meallie, AS 1968
  • Hollis Ray O'Neal Jr. M.D., AS 1997 MD 2009 and Catherine Smith O'Neal, M.D.
  • Mr. James F. O'Neal, AS 1949
  • Mrs. Sarah Wood O'Neil, AS 1965
  • Mr. Brian Campbell O'Neill, AS 1984
  • Mr. William R. O'Neill, AS 1974
  • Mr. Michael J. O'Quinn and Mrs. Beth A. O'Quinn
  • Mrs. Lynda Skaggs O'Rear, AS 1984 and Mr. Christopher Douglas O'Rear
  • Mr. Thomas S. O'Rorke, Jr., AS 1992
  • Mrs. Elizabeth M. O'Shea, AS 1973 PB 1978 and Mr. B. Rossiter O'Shea, PB 1975
  • Mr. Robert E. O'Sullivan and Mrs. Penelope O'Sullivan
  • Ms. Anne Devaney O'Toole, AS 2010
  • Oak Ridge Associated Univ
  • Mr. Fred B. Oates Jr., AS 1946
  • Miss Larkin Oates, AS 1984
  • Mr. Walter Oben, Jr. and Mrs. Debra Oben
  • Mrs. Carol B. Oberdorfer
  • Mr. John Lapham Obering, AS 1998
  • Mrs. Rachel Kisber Obermeier, AS 1983
  • Mrs. Jane P. Oberti and Mr. Edward Oberti
  • Mrs. Anne Raveret Obsitnik, AS 1989 and Mr. James Thomas Obsitnik
  • Mrs. Karen Nalle Oddo, AS 1994
  • Mr. Thomas E. Oden III, AS 1957 GS 1958
  • Mrs. Margaret S. Odiorne, AS 1966
  • Mr. Richard John Oelhafen Jr., AS 1991 and Mrs. Alvina M. Ma Oelhafen, AS 1991 LW 1994
  • Mrs. Rebecca Douglas Oertell, AS 1993
  • Mr. David Prange Oetting Jr., AS 2008 and Mrs. Jessica Lauren Oetting, AS 2008
  • Mr. Nathan Doyle Officer, AS 2003
  • Mr. Robert L. Officer, AS 1967
  • Mrs. Ellen Page Offutt, AS 1994
  • Mr. Charles Lee Ofner, AS 2004 and Sarah Watson Ofner, AS 2004
  • Mr. Michael Jason Ogan, AS 2008
  • Mr. Stephen P. Oggel, AS 1964
  • Mrs. Jennifer W. Ogilvie, AS 2002 and Mr. Landon Eugene Ogilvie
  • Ms. Anna Ebelechukwu Oguhebe, AS 2012
  • Dr. Chikai Jeffrey Ohazama, EN 1994
  • Dr. Ebi D. Okara, AS 1977 GS 1977
  • Mr. Okechukwu Okeke and Mrs. Chika M. Okeke
  • Ms. Jan C. Olavarri
  • Mrs. Jean Ward Oldfield, AS 1951 and Mr. Russell A. Oldfield Jr.
  • Ms. Rebecca May Oldfield-Frey, AS 2002
  • Mr. Peter M. Oldham, AS 1978 LW 1982 and Mrs. Kimberly Hill Oldham
  • Mrs. Michelle Olin, AS 2012 GS 2013 and Mr. Daniel Morgan
  • Mr. Paul E. Olin, AS 1977
  • Mr. Thomas Franklin Olin, Jr. and Mrs. Tammy Ann Olin
  • Dr. Howard G. Olive, AS 1951
  • Ms. Angela Kay Oliver, AS 2007
  • Mr. Brian Michael Oliver, AS 1996
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Hamman Oliver, AS 1984
  • Mr. John Leachman Oliver, AS 1991
  • Mrs. Karin Murray Oliver, NR 1978 and Mr. Robert W. Oliver, AS 1976
  • Mr. Van Oliver, AS 1971 LW 1974 and Mrs. Van Oliver, AS 1971
  • Mr. William Huntley Oliver Jr., AS 1972 and Mrs. Deborah W. Oliver
  • Dr. Rosemary Marie Olivero, AS 2002
  • Mr. Warren R. Olsen, AS 1973
  • Dr. Karen Olsen-Howard, AS 1972
  • Prof. Alexander Y. Olshanskiy
  • Ms. Anne Kane Olson, AS 2014
  • Mr. Peter Ralph Olson, AS 1989 and Mrs. Ellyn M. Olson
  • Mr. Ramin Michael Olson, AS 1994
  • Ms. Wendy Jane Olson, AS 1991
  • Mr. Philip J. Olsson, AS 1970 OG 1972 and Ms. G. Gayle Olsson, EN 1972
  • Mr. David Warren Olstein, AS 2008
  • Mr. Mark F. Openshaw and Mrs. Susanne C. Openshaw
  • Ms. Mary Ellen Operchal, AS 1975 and Dr. Thomas Operchal, MD 1979
  • Ms. Georgia E. Orcutt and Mr. Stephen P. Kendall
  • Mr. Howard D. Orebaugh, AS 1961 and Mrs. Suzanne Duke Orebaugh, AS 1961
  • Mrs. Emily L. Orel and Dr. Howard N. Orel
  • Miss Alice R. Orr, AS 1963
  • Mrs. Judy Komisky Orr, AS 1982 and Mr. Anderson J. Orr, Jr.
  • Dr. Rick Orr, AS 1974 and Mrs. Elizabeth Oakes Orr
  • Mr. Robert B. Orrand, AS 1974 and Mrs. Elaine Ball Orrand
  • Mr. Charles W. Orth, AS 1966
  • Mrs. Laura Rand Orthwein
  • Mr. Daniel Joseph Ortiz, AS 2003
  • Mr. Matthew Bryan Orton, AS 2009
  • Mr. John G. Osborn, AS 1966
  • Ms. Valerie Gene Osborne, AS 2006
  • Mrs. Lisette C. Oser, AS 1975 and Dr. Frank Sallean Oser III
  • Mr. Rand J. Osiason and Mrs. Mary A. Osiason
  • Ms. Ijeoma Beverly Osigwe, AS 2012
  • Mr. Ayotunde Oluwakorede Ositelu, EN 2009
  • Mrs. Margaret M. Oster and Mr. Michael Oster
  • Dr. Matthew Edward Oster, EN 1999 and Dr. Alexandra Marie Oster, AS 2000
  • Mr. Peter Ellsworth Ostergard, AS 2006
  • Dr. G. Coleman Oswalt Jr., AS 1970 and Mrs. Louise E. Oswalt
  • Ms. Charlotte Kimball Otremba, AS 2014
  • Mrs. Lisa Koch Ott, AS 1992
  • Mrs. Lucia C. Outlan, AS 1954
  • Mr. Lucius T. Outlaw Jr. and Mrs. Freida H. Outlaw
  • Mrs. Randi Pinckes Outwater, AS 1990
  • Dr. Yan Ouyang, GS 1998
  • Mrs. Heather Rose Ovelmen, AS 2006
  • Mrs. Melina Mascarin Oven, AS 1985
  • Ms. Michelle Miller Over, AS 2001
  • Mr. A. Scott Overby
  • Ms. Jennifer Elizabeth Overstreet, AS 1995
  • Dr. Theron W. Ovitt, AS 1961
  • Mr. Charles Marshall Owen, AS 1996
  • Dr. Jewel V. Owen, AS 1992
  • Mrs. Lucille G. Owen, AS 1966
  • Ms. Melinda Ellen Belew Owen, AS 1994
  • Mrs. Randi J. Owen and Mr. David M. Owen
  • Mr. Trace T. Owen
  • Ms. Ann Marie Deer Owens Ms., AS 1976 and Mr. Michael William Owens, AS 1980
  • Mrs. Deborah B. Owens, AS 1975 and Mr. John Robert Owens
  • Ms. Jessica Leigh Owens, AS 2012
  • Mr. Joshua Ryan Owens, AS 2008
  • Mrs. Michele Kaludis Owens, AS 1987 OG 1991
  • Mr. Steven Ernest Ownby, AS 2002 and Mrs. Anna Sakolosky Ownby, AS 2002
  • Mrs. John A. Oxley, GS 1960

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  • "Coming from California, Vanderbilt became my new home. With the opportunity to compete at the highest level of academics and basketball, I have learned that I represent something bigger than myself. I will forever be a part of the Vanderbilt family, and I know my family at home will be very proud once I receive my degree.” —Jasmine Lister,
    Women’s Basketball

  • “Vanderbilt gives me choices like no other school. I can earn a prestigious degree, compete in the SEC and play in front of thousands of great fans. I can't imagine being anywhere else.” —Rod Odom,
    Men’s Basketball

  • "The opportunity to be a student-athlete and get an education at Vanderbilt University has developed my mind more than anything else. I've learned that discipline and work ethic, among other things, allow you to break past the barriers that your body and mind have created to become the best you can be athletically and academically. I am blessed to be a Vanderbilt Commodore.” —Tyler Beede,