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National Commodore Club

Athletic Donors

2013-2014 Donors


Give to AthleticsAt Vanderbilt University, we are truly grateful to the following individuals, foundations and corporations who supported Vanderbilt athletics between July 1, 2013, and June 30, 2014. All gifts, regardless of size or designation, help advance the mission of Vanderbilt.

Oak Leaf Society Capstone — 20 or more years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Ambassador — 10 to 19 years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Founder — 2 to 9 years of consecutive giving
° deceased

Alphabetical listing for FY13-14 donors. To view this list by giving level, please click here.
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Primary Donor with Last Name Starting J

  • Dr. Michael E. Jabaley, AS 1957 and Mrs. Mary G. Jabaley, AS 1958
  • Mr. Alan Jackson, EN 1988 OG 1989
  • Mrs. Catherine Tyne Jackson, AS 1978 and Mr. Clay T. Jackson Sr.
  • Mr. David Michael Jackson, OG 1989 and Mrs. Karen H. Jackson
  • Mr. Donald L. Jackson, AS 1959
  • Mrs. Emily Blake Jackson
  • Mr. Granbery Jackson III, AS 1967 and Mrs. Mary Lee Whitehead Jackson, AS 1972
  • Dr. Gretchen Purcell Jackson and Mr. Charles Heath Jackson
  • Mr. Hardie Scott Jackson, PB 1987
  • Ms. Judith A. Jackson
  • Mr. Larry F. Jackson Jr.
  • Mr. Matthew Hollis Jackson, AS 2004
  • Mr. Rusty Jackson
  • Mr. Todd M. Jackson, AS 1996 OG 2008
  • Mr. William Keith Jackson, AS 1997
  • Mrs. Ashley Harton Jacobs, PB 2005 and Mr. Mikael Allen Jacobs, OG 2010
  • Mr. Matthew Augustine Jacobs, AS 2014
  • Dr. Michael Keith Jacobs, AS 1996 and Ms. Jennifer L. Griffin
  • Mr. Mikael W. Jacobs, AS 1976
  • Mr. W. Haynie Jacobs, EN 1957 and Mrs. W. Haynie Jacobs, NR 1957
  • Mrs. Jane B. Jacques, AS 1976 PB 1978 and Mr. John F. Jacques, PB 1958
  • Ms. Lauren Bair Jacques, AS 2008 LW 2011 and Mr. Richard Roell Jacques, LW 2011
  • Mr. Richard Kevin Jacques, AS 1981 and Mrs. Anna Roell Jacques
  • Mr. Jack L. Jakobik Sr., AS 1971
  • Mr. Neil Everette Jamerson, PB 2006 and Ms. Kelly Brooks Jamerson, PB 2007
  • Mr. Hugh James
  • Mr. James Robert James, PB 1975 and Dr. Helen Hutcheson James, GS 1973 GS 1977 LW 1984
  • Mr. William F. James Jr., AS 1973 and Mrs. Nancy Johnson James
  • Mr. Jay Robert Janco, AS 1997 and Mrs. Paige Trager Janco, AS 1997
  • Mrs. Mary Janet Janico and Mr. Peter Mark Janico
  • Mr. Thomas A. Jansing Sr., AS 1955 and Mrs. Doris Creagh Jansing, AS 1955
  • Mr. Douglas F. Jaquith
  • Mrs. Julia Lipscomb Jarman, AS 1972 and Mr. Franklin M. Jarman
  • Dr. Robert W. Jarrett, AS 1963
  • Mr. Gabriel Adam Jay, PB 2000
  • Mr. Rickey Wayne Jeans, PB 1978
  • Ms. Theresa Jeffrey
  • Ms. Kristina L. Jeffries
  • Mr. Brian R. Jenkins
  • Mr. Dennis A. Jenkins and Mrs. Gloria L. Jenkins
  • Mr. Lee Engel Jenkins, AS 1999 and Mrs. Elizabeth Cook Jenkins, PB 1999
  • Mr. Victor Todd Jenkins, PB 1997 and Mrs. Lauren M. Jenkins, AS 2002
  • Mr. William F. Jenkins, AS 1969
  • Mr. Mark Jennette
  • Mr. Ricky Jennette
  • Mrs. Glenda F. Jennings and Mr. Robert W. Jennings, EN 1966 GS 1971
  • Mr. Jack K. Jensen
  • David H. Jent
  • Dr. Gary W. Jerkins
  • Mr. John Jeter
  • Mr. Zachary Jett
  • Mr. John W. Jewell, AS 1950 GS 1951 and Mrs. Nancy P. Jewell
  • Mr. David G. Jewett
  • Jack Jezwinski
  • Dr. Melvin D. Joesten and Mrs. Maribel M. Joesten
  • Mr. Tyler Gene Johannes, AS 2006
  • Mrs. Kristen Fjeldstad Johns, EN 1995 and Mr. Andrew F. Johns, III
  • Mr. Randall David Johns
  • Mrs. Amber Marie Hurley Johnson, AS 2007 and Dr. Justin W. Johnson, EN 2008
  • Annette Johnson
  • Mrs. Arlene Vadnais Johnson and Mr. David T. Johnson
  • Ms. Bettye Johnson
  • Mr. Brian Townsend Johnson, OG 2004
  • Ms. Caroline McKisson Johnson, AS 2007
  • Miss Charlene Johnson
  • Ms. Courtney Lee Johnson, EN 1996
  • Mr. Curtis G. Johnson
  • Mr. David B. Johnson and Mrs. Edith Carell Johnson
  • Mr. David C. Johnson, EN 1960 and Mrs. Beverley Fergerson Johnson, PB 1961
  • Mr. David E. Johnson, EN 1979 and Mrs. Mary Hellen Johnson, PB 1979
  • Mrs. Donna Sir Johnson, PB 1979
  • Earl Johnson
  • Dr. H. Keith Johnson and Mrs. Nancy Johnson
  • Mr. James Johnson
  • Dr. James Arthur Johnson, EN 1963 GS 1972 and Mrs. Karen Wallace Johnson
  • Dr. James R. Johnson, Sr., DV 1977 and Mrs. Dana Yvonne Johnson
  • Mr. John Willard Johnson, EN 1968 and Mrs. John Willard Johnson, AS 1967
  • Mr. Joseph Wilson Johnson, AS 1983 and Mrs. Nancy A. Johnson
  • Mr. Larry O. Johnson
  • Mrs. Lisa Johnson
  • Mr. M. Craig Johnson, AS 1985
  • Mrs. Madelyn Cherry Johnson, PB 1970 and Mr. Kenyon Johnson
  • Mr. Mark Orlando Johnson, PB 1991
  • Mrs. Mary Leyden Johnson, NR 1972 and Mr. Victor S. Johnson III, LW 1974
  • Mrs. MaryLee W. Johnson, PB 1979 and Mr. B. Keith Johnson
  • Mrs. Mitishia M. Johnson and Mr. Steven Johnson
  • Ms. Molly J. Johnson
  • Mrs. Rebecca Anne Johnson
  • Mr. Richard Johnson and Mrs. Lynn Dodd Johnson
  • Mr. Richard L. Johnson, EN 1971 and Mrs. Cynthia P. Johnson, AS 1971
  • Mr. Robert Evans Johnson, AS 1981 and Mrs. Julia Bradshaw Johnson, NR 1986 NR 1989
  • Mr. Sean McCann Johnson, AS 2002 and Mrs. Elizabeth Hartenstein Johnson, PB 2003
  • Mr. W. Andrew Johnson III, AS 1970
  • Mr. William C. Johnson and Mrs. Tammy B. Johnson
  • Mr. Anthony S. Johnston, EN 1967 GS 1969 and Mrs. Patricia Ann Johnston
  • Mr. Crews Johnston III, AS 1991 and Mrs. Bratschi Campbell Johnston, AS 1991
  • Mr. George T. Johnston
  • Mr. Mark L. Johnston, EN 1967
  • Mr. Stephen Jay Johnston, EN 1976 and Mrs. Julia W. Johnston, EN 1981
  • Ms. Eleanor Gammage Jolley, AS 2011
  • Mr. F. Lex Jolley Jr., AS 1974 and Mrs. Rebecca G. Jolley
  • Betty Jones
  • Mr. Bruce A. Jones
  • Mrs. Carol Munger Jones, NR 1978 and Dr. K. Bruce Jones, MD 1978
  • Mr. Clift Jones, PB 1993 and Ms. Bryn G. Zeckhauser
  • Mr. Donald Wayne Jones, PB 1980
  • Mr. Elliott Warner Jones, Sr., EN 1971 LW 1975 and Mrs. Marilyn Lee Jones, AS 1980
  • Mr. Eric William Jones and Mrs. Laura Lynn Jones
  • Dr. Fred L. Jones, Jr.
  • Mr. George E. Jones
  • Mr. James R. Jones and Mrs. Janice K. Jones
  • Mr. Jimmy D. Jones
  • Dr. John C. Jones, AS 1965
  • Mr. John W. Jones, Jr. and Mrs. Letitia D. Jones
  • Mr. Josh Jones
  • Kari G Jones
  • Mrs. Kim Jones and Mr. Stanley Lee Jones
  • Mrs. Lucy Jones and Mr. Douglas C. Jones
  • M. Susan Jones, Ph.D., NR 1972 DU 1976 and Mr. Gordon F. Jones
  • Ms. Marjory A. Jones, NR 1975
  • Mrs. Mary Loventhal Jones
  • Mrs. Patricia E. Jones and Mr. David G. Jones
  • Mr. Quinton Alexander Jones, AS 2012
  • Mr. Ronald A. Jones, EN 1965 GS 1966
  • Shellie Jones
  • Mrs. Suzanne Elizabeth Jones, AS 2001 and Mr. Christopher Alan Jones
  • Mr. Tommy Lee Jones and Mrs. Hazel P. Jones
  • Elly O. Joplin
  • Mr. Benjamin T. Jordan, Jr.
  • Mr. John A. Jordan Sr., EN 1971
  • Mr. Keith Jordan, LW 1975 and Mrs. Judy H. Jordan
  • Mr. L. Gerald Jordan Jr., AS 1981
  • Mr. Anthony A. Joseph, AS 1975
  • Mr. Donald L. Jost, EN 1965
  • Mrs. Emily Clark Joyce, EN 1996 and Mr. Paul Gerard Joyce, OG 2006
  • Mrs. Rebecca Robins Jucksch, EN 1987
  • Gregory D. Judy, P.E., PTOE, EN 1995
  • Mr. Jess N. Judy and Mrs. Kathleen D. Judy
  • Col. James C. Jumper, Jr., AS 1978
  • Mr. William Frederic Jung, AS 1980
  • Mr. Clifford Stephen Jury and Mrs. Ann Frances Paris Jury
  • Mr. David Matthew Justice, PB 1992 and Mrs. Regina Polzin Justice

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  • "I chose Vanderbilt because it represents the best of both worlds with educational opportunities and a chance to compete against the top athletes in the nation. Those who support the National Commodore Club do more than just help us athletically—they allow us to develop as people and achieve our aspirations and future goals. Thanks for all you do!”
    —Simone Charley,
    Soccer and Track
    Hoover, AL
    All-American First Team
    (Indoor Track & Field, 2015)
    All-SEC First Team
    (Soccer, 2014)
    SEC First-Year Academic
    Honor Roll (2014)

  • “I'm thankful for the opportunity to attend an amazing school and stay so close to home. Vanderbilt has become a second home. I truly love and care about this place, and the support from National Commodore Club members helps to make it great. From the classroom to the field in Omaha, their support is essential to our success. It allows us to be champions!” —Bryan Reynolds,
    Brentwood, TN
    All-American Freshman
    First Team (2014)
    All-SEC Freshman Team (2014)

  • "Vanderbilt has been a truly special place for me. I am grateful to be a Commodore and wear black and gold on game days. My experiences at Vanderbilt are made possible through the generosity of others. I want to thank you for being a part of our game plan for success. Your support gives me and my teammates the opportunity to develop into the total Vanderbilt Man, and those lessons will last a lifetime." —Ralph Webb,
    Gainesville, FL

  • "I am so thrilled I chose the come to Vanderbilt because I have grown as a person, student and player—and I have learned so much about myself during the past two years. The support of National Commodore Club members provides me the opportunity to recieve the education of a lifetime and compete in the sport that I have always loved. Thanks for all you do. Your impact is more than you know!" —Rebekah Dahlman,
    Women's basketball
    Braham, MN

  • "I'm proud to be a part of Commodore Nation. We all come from different places and backgrounds to be a part of a top-notch environment for academics and athletics. It's an honor to know we are supported by National Commodore Club members across the country. It all starts with them. They help make this experience great. They are part of our successes. Thank you!”—Luke Kornet,
    Men's Basketball
    Lantana, TX
    SEC First-Year Academic
    Honor Roll (2014)