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Commodores On Board

Membership in the National Commodore Club is a statement of support for Vanderbilt's outstanding student-athletes. To ensure that the Commodore star continues to symbolize excellence in academics and athletics, we must grow the National Commodore Club membership. As part of this effort, we are encouraging current and new members to refer new members to the program. Help us grow the National Commodore Club by referring at least one new member.

The Commodores On Board program will run from January to May 31, 2011. Every member who signs up new members or raises new money as the chart states below will receive rewards to the corresponding levels. Check this page for updated standings and feel free to call the office at (615) 322-4114 for membership forms or to ask if someone you would like to recruit is a current NCC member.

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COB chart

Email the NCC Email the NCC here to find out if someone you know is a member.

NCC Priority Credit

In addition to the rewards, you will also receive a dollar-for-dollar credit for the amount of money you help raise. Example: Joe Smith makes a new $2,500 gift and is referred by Danny Gold. Danny Gold will then receive $2,500 worth of credit toward his NCC priority for post season tournaments and bowl game ticket priority.

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Commodores On Board Rules and Procedures

  • The NCC Commodores On Board program will run through May 31, 2011 for incentive rewards.
  • You must be a NCC member yourself to sign up a new member.
  • A new member is a donor who gives $50 for a Jr. NCC membership or $100 for a regular NCC member for the first time or who has not given in the past academic year.
  • No gift will be credited to a member without documentation on the membership form, online form in the “Special Comments” box, or by other communication with the NCC office.
  • Only gifts to the National Commodore Club annual fund will count toward Commodores On Board. This will include any Jr. NCC members.

How to refer a new member

Referring a new member is easy. Direct your new member to any one of these three registration options.


Online giving is the most convenient way to make a gift and join the NCC. Direct your new member to the online giving form and just be sure the new member references your name in the "Special Comments" box on the page.

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Mail the membership form to the National Commodore Club at 2601 Jess Neely Drive, Nashville, TN 37212.


Your new member can call the National Commodore Club Office at (615) 322-4114. A member of our staff will gladly help them sign up. Be sure the new member references your name when joining.