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National Commodore Club

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Basketball Seating & Parking

Experience Memorial Magic! Show your support from the best seats in Memorial Gymnasium.

Join the Commodores in Memorial Gymnasium for the upcoming basketball season. As an NCC member, you will receive the best seating and parking on game days, and the Commodores will receive much-needed scholarship support to recruit the best and brightest student-athletes. That's a win for you and a win for the Commodores!

To purchase new priority basketball seats, call the NCC office at (615) 322-4114.

Memorial Gymnasium – 2016–17 Priority Seating

basketball seating Click the link in the table below the map to see the view from a priority section. camera

Seat Location
Annual Gift
(per seat)
Ticket Price
(per seat)
Total Price
(per seat)
  Sections 2F and 2L, Rows 11–26fieldpic $50  $217  $267
  Sections 3A–3E, Rows 8–12fieldpic $50  $217  $267
  Sections 2F and 2L, Rows 1–10fieldpic $100  $217  $317
  Sections 3A–3E, Rows 1–7fieldpic $100  $217  $317
  Sections 2G–2K, Rows 1–8fieldpic $100  $425  $525
  Sections 2A–2E, Rows 9–14fieldpic $100  $425  $525
  Sections F and L, Rows 1–11fieldpic $250  $425  $675
  Sections 2A–2E, Rows 1–8fieldpic $500  $425  $925
  Sections A–E, Rows 8–23fieldpic $1,000  $425  $1,425
  Sections A–E, Rows 1–7fieldpic $1,500  $425  $1,925

For suite information, please the NCC office at (615) 322-4114. This private seating option provides Commodore fans with comfort and convenience during home games. Season suite packages include eight season tickets and two priority parking passes. Catering options are available.

Priority Basketball Parking

The NCC is pleased to offer a season priority parking pass to members who make an annual gift at the levels listed below and who have men's basketball season tickets. A gift to the NCC annual fund applies to both priority seating and parking.

basketball parking

Men's Basketball

Priority men's basketball parking areas include the Kensington Garage on the north side of Memorial Gymnasium and the 25th Avenue Garage, one block southeast of Memorial Gym. For the 2016–17 season, a gift to the NCC is required at these levels:

Location / Gift
  Kensington Garage, reserved space / $8,000 or more
  Kensington Garage, Levels 1–3 / $6,000–7,999
  Kensington Garage, Levels 4–7 / $3,000–5,999
  25th Avenue Garage / $250–2,999
  Lot 71 (disabled) / $250

Women's Basketball

Priority women's basketball parking includes a reserved space in the Kensington Garage on the north side of Memorial Gymnasium. For the 2016–17 season, a gift to the NCC is required at this level:

Location / Gift
  Reserved space in Kensington Garage / $150
  Lot 71 (disabled) / $150

Disabled Parking

Lot 71, on the east side of Hawkins Field, is designated for disabled parking for men's and women's basketball season ticket holders. This lot requires a minimum gift of $250 for men's basketball and $150 for women's basketball to the NCC and a valid state-issued hangtag. These parking spaces are limited and will be allocated based on NCC priority.

Please note your gift for basketball will also apply to football. As an NCC member, you will also receive game day benefits, including invitations to pregame events and opportunities for postseason tickets.

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