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Organized Neighbors of Edgehill (O.N.E.)

O.N.E is an active neighborhood association that was started in 1991. It combines the efforts of public housing residents, private housing residents, churches, schools, businesses, and other stakeholders who share a common interest in the Edgehill neighborhood and strives to improve the quality of the residents’ lives. O.N.E. is The Nashville Mobile Market’s direct community partner and is the main liaison for all community relations.

Family Resource Center of Edgehill

The Family Resource Center was started in October 2004 as a partnership between O.N.E. and United Way of Metropolitan Nashville. Today it works to offer residents social assistance in a variety of arenas and is helping to promote The Nashville Mobile Market.

Shade Tree Clinic

Shade Tree Clinic is a free student run clinic in East Nashville that was started in 2005. The clinic has served the McFerrin Park community with health resources for those who are uninsured or severely underinsured. In addition to the clinic, the organization provides many local community services in the forms of diabetic education classes, weight management classes, mentoring programs, and the development of urban gardens. Shade Tree strives to provide health care access where it has not been available, but has also partnered with The Nashville Mobile Market to promote an approach to preventative medicine and health prevention education.

Vanderbilt University Plant Operations

Vanderbilt Plan Operations has been instrumental “behind the scenes” in providing the technical support necessary to get The Nashville Mobile Market off the ground and running. When The Nashville Mobile Market is not operating for business, it is housed at the Plant Operations facility at the Chestnut building. Plant Operations oversees construction, renovation, regular maintenance, house keeping, grounds care, and utilities for Vanderbilt University.

The Frist Foundation

The Frist Foundation, formerly known as The HCA Foundation, was established in 1982 by the Hospital Corporation of America. In 1997, the Foundation changed its name to The Frist Foundation to recognize the philanthropic influence of its founding directors. Dr. Thomas F. Frist, Jr., who remains a director, and Dr. Thomas F. Frist, Sr., who died in 1998. Its continuing mission is to invest its resources in nonprofit organization in Metropolitan Nashville in ways that strengthen their ability to provide services. As a private foundation, much of the Foundation’s work involves grantmaking. However, the Foundation also takes an active role in initiating special programs to enhance the community in a variety of other ways. In 2011, The Frist Foundation granted The Nashville Mobile market $65,000 to facilitate its launch.

The Commons at Vanderbilt University

The Commons, home to all of Vanderbilt’s first-year undergraduate students, has been incredibly supportive of The Nashville Mobile Market from the beginning. The Commons is utilizing its partnerships with The Nashville Mobile Market in a number of ways: facilitating continued community relationship building, offering promotion among the first-year class, and bolstering our volunteer base as several Commons residence halls have taken on The Nashville Mobile market as a house-wide service project.

Community Food Advocates (CFA)

Community Food Advocates was formed in December 2009 in the merger of 2 older organizations with a common mission: advocacy and community mobilization out of its commitment to see healthy, sustainable food options available throughout Nashville. They have been an essential resource to The Nashville Mobile market and have provided widespread community support.

Re/Storing Nashville

Community Food Advocates has been active in the Edgehill community’s fight for a grocery store through their Re/Storing Nashville campaign. This grassroots movement strives to build a city-wide campaign for improved healthy food provision in food deserts. Both Carmen Adams and Ravi Patel worked through Re/Storing Nashville while conducting their Emphasis project work that laid the groundwork for The Nashville Mobile Market.

Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency (MDHA)

As the official municipal housing authority for the citizens of Nashville, the Metropolitan Developing and Housing Agency (MDHA) has allowed The Nashville Mobile Market to make stops at Gernert Homes, Edgehill Apartments, and Vine Hill Towers. The MDHA endeavors to create affordable housing opportunities for Nashvillians, nurture neighborhoods, and build a greater downtown.

Associated Wholesale Grocers (AWG)

Associated Wholesale Grocers is working hand in hand with HG Hill Food Store to ensure we have access to all the products we sell on the truck. AWG is our source for all products on the truck, and they are allowing for us to obtain this food via HG Hill Food Store.

HG Hill Urban Market

HG Hill Urban Market downtown is The Nashville Mobile Market’s current supplier of fresh produce and dairy products. As a locally owned and managed food store, HG Hill has valued catering to community desires from its inception in 1895.

Mid-South Produce Distributors

Mid-South, a whole fruit and vegetable distributor, partners with The Nashville Mobile Market to serve as a primary produce supplier. As such, Mid-South is a critical component in The Nashville Mobile Market’s efforts to provide the city’s food deserts with a sustainable source of healthy foods.

Nashville Mayor’s Office

Nashville Mayor Karl Dean and his office were supportive of the mobile market concept throughout its development. Members within the office offered their assistance in obtaining the necessary licenses and legal certifications.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center- Center for Community Health Solutions

The Center for Community Health Solutions is a group of community outreach projects whose goal is to support people working at the grassroots level to take control of their physical, social, political, and environmental health. The program was formed in 1969 with the help of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. It hosted the Vanderbilt Medical School Emphasis project from which The Nashville Mobile Market was formed. It has also partnered with The Nashville Mobile Market to help manage the finances and accounting of the social enterprise.