Master of Liberal Arts & Science


Students pay one-half the regular graduate tuition rate for MLAS courses and full tuition for courses selected from the regular graduate-level curriculum. MLAS course tuition for the fall 2014 and spring and summer 2015 semesters is $2,673 per three-hour course.

Any MLAS students taking more than one course in the Fall and Spring will be required to pay the mandatory activity and recreation fees as part of their Vanderbilt registration. For details on this fee, please visit: The exception for summer will remain in effect.

Vanderbilt faculty and staff are eligible for a 70% discount on MLAS course tuition. The VU tuition discount applies to only one course a semester. For this academic year, the tuition for Vanderbilt employees taking one course per semester is approximately $802. It is important to note that VU employees should submit the necessary paperwork each semester they are enrolled. For further information on the Vanderbilt Education Assistance Program, visit: Vanderbilt employees are encouraged to begin the tuition benefit request process as early as possible. The form entitled "Tuition Benefit for Myself or Spouse/Partner" is available on the Human Resources web site at:


Stephen Doster
Stephen Doster
Editor, Vanderbilt Institute of Chemical Biology
“Vanderbilt's MLAS program provides a great foundation for anyone in today's job market where most workers will hold numerous positions in different fields during their lifetimes.”
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