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Certificate Programs

MLAS students can participate in the new Certificate program, a series of courses clustered around specific disciplines or topics. Upon completion of five course within a specific area of study, the student would be eligible to receive a Certificate in that area, and would also be eligible to participate in five additional MLAS courses in other disciplines in order to earn the MLAS degree, if they so choose.

Certificate programs in certain disciplines or interdisciplinary fields are among the programs of study to be considered. Other clusters of courses or programs are under consideration for future offerings.

Each certificate program or discipline will offer one course per semester for five or six semesters. Each course within the certificate program would be similar in structure and approach to those offered in the MLAS degree program. Courses in each certificate program will be indicated in the course description. Priority for enrollment in a certificate-related class will be given to those students who have already taken courses toward that certificate. A certificate in a specified field of study would be presented to a student after successfully completing five courses. Application and admission to the program and the tuition for each course within the certificate program would be commensurate with those already in place for the MLAS degree program.

We are pleased to announce four new certificate programs:

  • Ethics (in cooperation with the Center of Ethics)
  • Creative Arts (offering courses from across campus in Art, History of Art, Music, Film Studies, and theatre.
  • History
  • Creative Writing

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Adrienne Outlaw
Adrienne Outlaw
Artist and Arts Writer
“To be able to debate a given subject not only with a university professor, but also with the fellow MLAS students representing a broad range of expertise — from doctors to artists, from engineers to architects, from scientists to attorneys — is an opportunity not to be missed by anyone searching for a rich educational and zesty experience.”
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