MHS Director Jonathan Metzl on Mental Illness and Gun Violence in Vanderbilt Magazine

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MHS Director Jonathan Metzl Writes About the Schizophrenia of Hip Hop in Transition

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MHS Director Jonathan Metzl Contributes to the Nashville Post

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MHS Director Jonathan Metzl and Professor Dorothy Roberts Write an Article on Structural Competency and Structural Racism in the AMA Journal of Ethics

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MHS Director Jonathan Metzl and Jamie Kilstein on Robin Williams’ Passing and Suicide in America


November 12, 2014

Ebola in Perspective: Health, Panic, and Politics

The Center for Medicine, Health, and Society invites you to a cross-campus panel and community conversation,

Ebola in Perspective: Health, Panic, and Politics

As the Ebola virus spreads and grows into a “global threat,” information about the disease mixes with a host of larger questions and concerns. How can we separate reasoned preparation from blind panic? In what ways does the spread of Ebola expose connections between local practices and global networks, impact travel or interpersonal interactions, or alter categories of “us” and “them”? How might the lessons of ethnography and history better inform our present-day response? And what are the implications for training students and health-care workers?

Wednesday, November 12, 12:00-1:15pm
Light Hall 214
Open to one and all

Panelists include:

William Schaffner, Professor of Preventive Medicine and Medicine (Infectious Diseases)
Muktar Aliyu, Associate Director for Research in the Vanderbilt Institute for Global Health, Associate Professor of Health Policy
Dianna Bell, Mellon Assistant Professor, Department of Religious Studies
Else Sharp, MA student, Medicine, Health, and Society
Dominque Behague, Associate Professor, Medicine, Health, and Society and Department of Anthropology
Jonathan Metzl (moderator), MHS

This event is part of the Hot Topics in Medicine, Health, and Society series. These ongoing lectures, conferences, and events aim to foster cross-campus interdisciplinary conversations about the politics of illness and health.


October 17, 2014

MHS Professor Derek Griffith Speaks at the Vanderbilt Center for Diabetes Translation Research

Professor Griffith talks about physical activity interventions for African American men. Read more→

October 8, 2014

MHS Professor Derek Griffith is Keynote Speaker at the CERC 7th Annual Health Disparities Institute

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October 23, 2014

MHS Director Jonathan Metzl Speaks at the University of Colorado’s Center for Bioethics and Humanities

The second annual Henry and Janet Claman Endowed Professorship in the Medical Humanities brings Jonathan Metzl, MD, PhD, who will present, “Mental Illness, Mass Shootings and the Politics of American Firearms,” on Thursday, October 23rd from noon-1:00pm at the Fulginiti Pavilion.

October 21, 2014

Panel: Men’s Health and the Politics of Masculinity

Featuring the work of Professors Derek Griffith (MHS), Ken MacLeish (MHS), Claire King (Communication Studies), Tyson Brown (Sociology); moderated by Jonathan Metzl (MHS).

Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Furman 114