Current Graduate Students

Medicine, Health and Society Graduate Students


Kelly Dennen
Health promotion, healthcare technology, global disease prevention, exercise and nutrition, integrative health solutions



Matt Goldstein
Preventative medicine, Healthcare delivery to lower and middle income countries



Renée Martin
Refugee health outcomes, global and domestic equity and delivery of care, maternal and children’s health outcomes


Elina Nektalova
Health disparities, global public health, integrative medicine, healthcare delivery




Ashley Stephens
Biomedical ethics, community health outreach and trust, interdisciplinary healthcare models



Registration and Graduation
Meet with your faculty advisor to discuss courses for Fall 2013. Registration instructions and Registration Related Forms are available through Vanderbilt Graduate School. Graduate students taking an independent study with a faculty member or requesting permission to receive graduate credit for an undergraduate level or professional course should complete and submit these forms by the first day of class.