MHS Spring Lecture Series: Hot Topics in Medicine, Health, and Society

In Spring 2014, MHS will initiate an ongoing interactive series titled Hot Topics in MHS. The aim of this series is to engage with the controversies and contested terrain that emerge at the nexus of medicine, health, and society. The first two events in this series are:

April 9, 2014: The Politics of Childhood Vaccines

4:00pm-5:30pm: Colloquium:  “The Legitimacy of Vaccine Critics: What’s Left after Autism?,” Anna Kirkland, Associate Professor of Women’s Studies and Political Science, University of Michigan
Location: Light Hall 208
Reception to follow.
Co-hosted by Vanderbilt Department of Political Science and Program in American Studies
All events are free and open to one and all.




February 11, 2014: Boundaries and Bodies: Current Debates in Sex and Health

11:00am-12:30pm: Panel, Boundaries and Bodies – Ken MacLeish, Aimi Hamraie, Ariane Cruz (PSU), Jonathan Metzl
Location: 201 Alumni Hall
4:00pm-5:30pm: Colloquium: “Dark Desires: Black Female Erotica,” Ariane Cruz, Assistant Professor, Department of Women’s Studies, Pennsylvania State University
Location: MHS, 300cc Calhoun
Reception to follow.
Co-hosted by Vanderbilt Women’s and Gender Studies


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