The Politics of Health Conference – a conversation about the paradoxes and the promises of health

Videos from the Conference

Opening Remarks: Dean Carolyn Dever, Intro Remarks: Jonathan Metzl, Opening Address:Emilie Townes

Chairs: Jonathan Metzl and Laura Stark, Discussants: André Churchwell, Manesh Sethi, Christopher Coleman, Melinda Buntin, and Arthur Sutherland III

Intro: Linda Norman, Speaker: Sue Siegel

Chair: Ken MacLeish, Respondents: Susan Cahn, Aimi Hamraie, Jay Clayton, Julia Landstreet, Kitt Carpenter

Chairs: Derek Griffith and Dominique Behague, Keynote: Tyrone Forman, Respondents:Monique Lyle, Reavis L. Mitchell Jr., Lindsey Andrews, Arleen Tuchman, and Amy Non

Intro: Frank Dobson, Speaker: Priscilla Wald

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