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    MHS 4+1 M.A. 
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    Politics of Health 
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    Mental illness and gun control 
    Professors Jonathan Metzl and Ken MacLeish write about mental illness and gun control.
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    Professor Metzl appears on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry Show
    Professor Metzl and Columbia Professor Alondra Nelson appear on the Melissa Harris Perry Show.
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    New professors in 2012 
    Five professors join Vanderbilt’s bid to bridge health and society in 2012.
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    Walls and Bridges 
    MHS Director Jonathan Metzl Speaks at the Walls and Bridges Festival in New York City
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    MHS Spring Lecture Series
    MHS Spring Lecture Series:Hot Topics in Medicine, Health, and Society
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    MHS Hosts Pottery Exhibition, Health and Art: Master Potters of the Catawba Indian Nation 
    MHS Hosts Pottery Exhibition, Health and Art: Master Potters of the Catawba Indian Nation
The Center for Medicine, Health and Society (MHS) is an innovative multidisciplinary center that studies the social and societal dimensions of health and illness. Our scholarship, teaching, and wide-ranging collaborative projects explore medicine and science in a wide array of cultural contexts, while at the same time fostering productive dialogue across disciplinary boundaries.

On Video

  • MHS Director Jonathan Metzl discusses the science of politics on MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry Show, March 24, 2012

  • Panel Discussion on Science and Health at the 2013 Harlem Book Fair

  • "Race and Science" Special MHS student event with Professor Dorothy Roberts

  • Jonathan Metzl appears on a panel discussing the Trayvon Martin tragedy on MSNBC, March 24, 2012

  • Director Jonathan Metzl appears with Ira Glass on the Melissa-Harris Perry Show. Listen to Glass’ amazing 2-part TAL piece on guns at Harper High.

  • Director Jonathan Metzl and Bridgeport Connecticut Mayor Bill Finch join the Melissa-Harris Perry panel to discuss guns, race, and mental health.

  • MHS Director Jonathan Metzl and NYU Professor Helena Hansen Publish an Article on Structural Competency in Social Science and Medicine

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