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    Gender, Health, & the South 2015 Symposium 
    Gender, Health, & the South 2015 Symposium
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    MHS 4+1 M.A. 
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    Politics of Health 
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    Mental illness and gun control 
    Professors Jonathan Metzl and Ken MacLeish write about mental illness and gun control.
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    Professor Metzl appears on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry Show
    Professor Metzl and Columbia Professor Alondra Nelson appear on the Melissa Harris Perry Show.
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    New professors in 2012 
    Five professors join Vanderbilt’s bid to bridge health and society in 2012.
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    Walls and Bridges 
    MHS Director Jonathan Metzl Speaks at the Walls and Bridges Festival in New York City
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    MHS Spring Lecture Series
    MHS Spring Lecture Series:Hot Topics in Medicine, Health, and Society
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    Ebola in Perspective 
    On November 12th, 2014, the Vanderbilt Center for Medicine, Health and Society hosted a cross-campus panel titled Ebola in Perspective: Health, Panic, and Politics.   » more
The Center for Medicine, Health and Society (MHS) is an innovative multidisciplinary center that studies the social and societal dimensions of health and illness. Our scholarship, teaching, and wide-ranging collaborative projects explore medicine and science in a wide array of cultural contexts, while at the same time fostering productive dialogue across disciplinary boundaries.

On Video

  • MHS Director Jonathan Metzl discusses the science of politics on MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry Show, March 24, 2012

  • Our Brains, Ourselves? Neuroscience, Neuropolitics and Technologies of the Neurobiological Self

  • Panel Discussion on Science and Health at the 2013 Harlem Book Fair

  • "Race and Science" Special MHS student event with Professor Dorothy Roberts

  • Jonathan Metzl appears on a panel discussing the Trayvon Martin tragedy on MSNBC, March 24, 2012

  • Director Jonathan Metzl appears with Ira Glass on the Melissa-Harris Perry Show. Listen to Glass’ amazing 2-part TAL piece on guns at Harper High.

  • Director Jonathan Metzl and Bridgeport Connecticut Mayor Bill Finch join the Melissa-Harris Perry panel to discuss guns, race, and mental health.

  • MHS Director Jonathan Metzl and NYU Professor Helena Hansen Publish an Article on Structural Competency in Social Science and Medicine

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