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VIIBRE MFC - Machine Shop

Many of the devices created in VIIBRE's laboratories require pre- or post-processing, or the addition of enclosures, clamps, molds or structural systems, which can be fabricated in our Machine Shop.

  • Tormach PCNC770 CNC Milling Machine with Automatic Tool Changer, 3 axes
  • Taig DSLS 3000 CNC Milling Machine, 4-Axis
  • Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machine
  • Grizzly DF-1237G 12" Lathe
  • Emco Compact 5 Lathe
  • Rockwell 1" Belt Sander
  • Sears/Craftsman 15" Drill Press
  • Black & Decker 6" Bench Grinder
  • Delta/Rockwell 28-380 14" Bandsaw
  • Fume Hood


VIIBRE's Machine Shop

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Machine Shop


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