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Registration Services

Custom Registration Packages

Vanderbilt University Office of Conferences is pleased to offer Vanderbilt faculty and staff customized registration packages that will make planning conferences, workshops, or symposia a bit easier.  Participants from all over the world can easily register for your next event quickly and safely. The Vanderbilt Office of Conferences will custom design a professional web page with the latest information about your event, take registration information and credit card payments over a secure web site. With a wide-range of reporting capabilities, you can have up-to-the minute information about the progress of your event or conference.

Our professional event planners can tailor a support package that meets your every need. Packages can be as simple as an on-line participant registration website to an on-site support program.

On-Site Services

  • Secure on campus overnight accommodations in our residence halls
  • Secure a special conference meal plan through our award-wining dining services
  • Set-up catering and mid-day coffee-breaks
  • Secure meeting space reservations
  • Secure audio-visual requirements
  • Secure transportation
  • Design a custom registration website with specific event information
  • Accept on-line registrations and payments through secure web site
  • Deposit all registration fees; updated reports show payment information by each registrant
  • Send email confirmations to each participant
  • Provide client with registrant numbers and financial information as requested
  • Provide excel files of registrant contact information (mailing address, phone, fax and email) as requested
  • Create participant list with contact information including email addresses
  • Hotel contract negotiations
  • Create addendum to the participant list with new registrants
  • Vanderbilt Office of Conferences accepts the following payment types: Discover Card, Master Card, Visa, and Vanderbilt payment form 1180
  • For more information and to begin planning your next program, please contact us by calling our office at (615) 343-8699 or by sending an email to Conferences@vanderbilt.edu.