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Resisting Radiation

How do you design a sunscreen for a computer chip? For that matter, why would you need to?

Lloyd Massengill, professor of electrical engineering and computer engineering, has answers, both simple and complex, to those questions. Radiation from as far away as deep space and as close as our sun poses significant dangers to both space-based and earthbound computers that control an enormous array of commercial and military equipment today.

Opportunity Vanderbilt

Rodes Hart and Orrin Ingram answered questions about Vanderbilt’s commitment to replace need-based undergraduate loans with scholarships and grants—and the $100 million philanthropic effort, Opportunity Vanderbilt, that will sustain this historic expansion of financial aid.

Strategic Strengths

One chemical engineering professor conducts research with the potential not only to fight cancer but to improve the way we draw energy from Earth’s core. Work by a mechanical engineering faculty member could affect energy transfer in cars; that same researcher turns his energies to building robots that could disassemble a roadside bomb. A top electrical engineering and computer science expert oversees research on cybersecurity and patient management systems that may help congestive heart failure patients handle some of their ongoing care at home.