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Global Element

Posted in: Personal Assets, Spring 2013

You never know where a blind ad will lead you. It led Tim Murray from Knoxville, Tenn., to the Kingdom of Bahrain in the Middle East. Murray is CEO of Aluminium Bahrain (Alba), one of the world’s top 10 aluminium producers.

The Long Haul

Posted in: Fall 2012, Personal Assets

In 1986 Jacqueline Parker had to make one of the toughest decisions of her life: either complete her senior year in college and earn a bachelor’s in nursing, or join her husband, David, in an ambitious startup in the trucking business.

True Brew

Posted in: Issue, Personal Assets, Spring 2012

Running a craft brewery requires a personal touch, but few pour themselves into the job like Linus Hall. His Nashville-based Yazoo Brewing Co., which has expanded its reach across the Southeast since opening in 2003, is as much a testament to his handcrafted approach to beer making as it is to the larger aesthetic and philosophy that guide his decisions as a business owner.

The Soundtrack for America

Posted in: Personal Assets, Spring 2011

Sarah Trahern grew up in a home of divergent musical tastes. Her father used to sing old country standards to her in the crib, while her mother encouraged her to take classical violin lessons throughout childhood.

The Right Ingredients

Posted in: Fall 2010, Personal Assets

“Baking is all about chemistry,” says Lindsay Beckner, who co-owns FiddleCakes, a Nashville-based bakery, cafe and catering business that can accommodate box lunches for 30 or cupcakes for 500.

Strength in Numbers

Posted in: Personal Assets, Spring 2010

Durégo Lewis, BS’96, EMBA’06, finds success through teamwork

Ballpark Figure

Posted in: Fall 2009, Personal Assets

Bo McKinnis, MBA’91, goes to bat for his big leaguers

Pressing Matters

Posted in: Personal Assets, Spring 2009

How Cris Ashworth, EMBA’85, found his groove at United Record Pressing

Deep Roots, Thick Skin

Posted in: Fall 2008, Personal Assets

A bottle of JAX Vineyards cabernet sauvignon speaks for itself.

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