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Stock in Trade

Adena Friedman, MBA’93, helps NASDAQ stay ahead of the curve

The 1995 conference sponsored by the Owen School’s Financial Markets Research Center is one that Adena Testa Friedman will not soon forget. Just two years removed from graduation, she was back on campus watching Bill Christie, a favorite professor of hers, endure a searing critique from his former mentor Merton Miller, a Nobel laureate in economics. And as if that weren’t awkward enough, Friedman was actually rooting against Christie.

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Three’s Companies

Class of ’91 trio recognized for entrepreneurial success

Fortunately for Rob Hunter, MBA’91, clients weren’t in the habit of visiting the original headquarters of his fledgling company, Alliance Communications. Had they walked into the office—actually, a trailer in a parking lot—in 1999, they might have noticed that Alliance, which manages sophisticated telecommunications for its clients, lacked a phone system capable even of transferring calls from one extension to another.

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Lies of the Land

Talking David Mamet, business ethics and real estate

On January 23 the Vanderbilt Executive MBA program sponsored a staged reading from Tennessee Repertory Theatre’s production of Glengarry Glen Ross, the Pulitzer Prize-winning play by David Mamet. The play tells the story of four desperate Chicago real estate agents who are willing to engage in any number of unethical activities to sell undesirable real estate to unsuspecting buyers. The title of the play comes from the names of two of the real estate developments being sold by the agents: Glengarry Highlands and Glen Ross Farms.

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From the Dean

It’s been five years since I stepped up to lead the Owen School—a year as interim Dean and four in a full-time capacity. Despite the fact that we currently find ourselves at an economic low point, I can’t help but reflect favorably on the past five years. It’s been a tremendous period of personal and professional growth for me and of remarkable endeavors and accomplishment for the Owen School and those who comprise our community.

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Personal Assets

Pressing Matters

How Cris Ashworth, EMBA’85, found his groove at United Record Pressing

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Student Experience

Fully Immersed

Diving headfirst into Health Care Immersion Week

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Informed Opinion

On the Wrong Foot

Aggressive job negotiations can make a costly first impression on employees

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Corporate Spotlight

Heeding the Call

Kate Reid, MBA’06, blazes a new trail at Call of the Wild

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In the News

Headlines from Around the World

On the Whole, Raising the Gates, Rigged Games

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Campus Visit

Q & A with an Owen Staff Member

Rahn Huber, Business Librarian and Business Information Service Manager at Walker Management Library

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Editor's Memo

Dollar Ills

Checking the vitals of our ailing economy

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Bottom Line

Hard Corps

Roughing it with the MBA Enterprise Corps in Kenya

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