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On the Cover – Fall 2012

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From the Dean

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This July, I took a bike trip with my oldest son through Glacier National Park and the Canadian Rockies. Having been to Glacier on photographic journeys before, I had a good appreciation for what I was about to experience. Or so I thought.

Three new hires

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Yasin Alan, Assistant Professor of Management, comes to Owen from Cornell University’s Johnson School of Management, where he recently completed his doctorate. His research interests lie in the interface of operations management and corporate finance. He conducts theoretical research to study the relationship between operational decisions and financial considerations such as capital structure, growth and bankruptcy [...]

New admissions director

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The Owen School has named Christie St-John, MA’94, PhD’99, as its new Director of Admissions, effective Oct. 1, 2012. St-John returns to Vanderbilt from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, where she served as Senior Associate Director of Admissions and Recruiting since 2004. St-John began her MBA admissions career at Vanderbilt in 1997, [...]

Hands On – Photo Essay

Posted in: Features, Spring 2012

This past October’s Immersion Week encompassed health care, finance, marketing and global education, all of which are highlighted in a photo essay.

From the Dean

Posted in: From the Dean, Spring 2012

I’m pleased to report that Owen—as many of you already know—placed 25th in the latest MBA rankings published by U.S. News & World Report this past March. That showing marks our second-highest ranking in the history of this important survey and reflects the hard work and dedication of many in the Owen community. Together we have built great momentum for the school that I believe will soon put us in the top 20.

Dome Stretch

Posted in: Editor's Memo, Spring 2012

In this age of technological wonders, it’s easy to forget that ours is just the latest in a long line of innovative periods through history. For every new marvel to come along, there’s likely an equally striking precedent in the past.

Owen climbs to No. 25 in U.S. News

Posted in: Inside Owen, Spring 2012

The Owen School improved to No. 25 in the nation, up from No. 28 last year, in the latest U.S. News & World Report rankings. It marks the school’s second-highest placement ever on the list. “As our rankings continue to move up in a highly competitive field, it’s becoming clear that others are recognizing the [...]

Vanderbilt Business Staff for Spring 2012

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Dean Jim Bradford Editor Seth Robertson Contributors Lubaina Balasinorwala, Nelson Bryan (BA’73), Meg Hale, Abigail Humphrey, Jennifer Johnston, Alex Nicholson (EMBA’01), Shana Passman (MBA’09), Rob Simbeck, Cindy Thomsen, Ryan Underwood (BA’96), Amy Wolf Photography Kerry Dahlen, Daniel Dubois, Steve Green, Joe Howell, Lauren Owens, Anne Rayner, John Russell, Susan Urmy Designer Michael T. Smeltzer Art [...]

On the Cover – Spring 2012

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Sohr Grants awarded to business plans

Posted in: Inside Owen, Spring 2012

Microfinance lending and ecologically friendly false eyelashes may not seem to have much in common. But they’re both new business ideas that caught the attention of the prize committee awarding this year’s $25,000 Sohr Grants, created to promote student entrepreneurship at the Owen School. Jim Sohr, BE’86, MBA’90, and his wife, Leah, endowed the new [...]

Houston trip offers up-close look at energy sector

Posted in: Inside Owen, Spring 2012

This past November, a group of 18 students in the Owen Energy Club took a first-of-its-kind trip to Houston to learn more about the energy sector and to network with potential employers. The Energy Trek, as it was called, was planned by Tracey Gilliland, an MBA candidate for 2013, in conjunction with Peter Veruki, Director [...]

Q&A with Cheryl Chunn of DAR

Posted in: Inside Owen, Spring 2012

Cheryl Chunn joined Owen this past November as the school’s Associate Dean of Development and Alumni Relations. She has worked at Vanderbilt for 10 years, six of which have been in development. Her previous roles include Director of Development and Director of Corporate Relations for Vanderbilt University Medical Center, as well as Senior Associate Director [...]

Laffer proposes taxing pollution, not income

Posted in: Inside Owen, Spring 2012

Arthur B. Laffer, a renowned economist and longtime champion of conservative causes, proposed a novel approach to taxation at a forum held in Owen’s Averbuch Auditorium Feb. 23. Laffer said he sees a fundamentally backward system in the United States, which imposes taxes on things people want more of—income and jobs—while allowing something we want [...]

Owen Insights encourages collaborative learning

Posted in: Inside Owen, Spring 2012

Owen has long been known for its strong sense of community, and that reputation stands to grow thanks to the efforts of the latest classes to pass through Management Hall. Students have started a first-of-its-kind forum at the school for sharing their areas of expertise with one another. Called Owen Insights, the series aims to [...]

Before and After

Posted in: Inside Business, Spring 2012

The Vanderbilt Health Care Conference and Career Fair hosted more than 500 participants and 35 companies at a one-day session in Nashville this past fall. It was the fourth year for the student-organized conference, which is designed for anyone interested in the intersection of business and health care. Headlining the October event was Nancy-Ann DeParle, [...]

Up for Adoption

Posted in: Inside Business, Spring 2012

Generation Y, the first group to come of age in the Internet era, is all grown up and ready to launch the next wave of multibillion-dollar tech companies. And investors are ready to help them do it. “If you’re 20-something and have an idea of what you want to build, you can go out and [...]

Failure to Exercise

Posted in: Inside Business, Spring 2012

The trading volume of stock options has more than quintupled in the past decade, as banks, hedge funds and other traders have flocked to the investments. But retail options investors may be getting left out in the cold, unknowingly giving up as much as $1.9 billion in lost profits during that same time frame, according [...]

Growth Opportunity

Posted in: Spring 2012, Student Experience

Mahni Ghorashi and Ilya Tokhner, both MBA candidates for 2012, have a short-term goal of completing their studies at Owen this May. Their long-term plans are slightly more ambitious—and could change health care forever.

Second Act

Posted in: Lessons Learned, Spring 2012

My name is Alex Nicholson, and I’m 63 years old. A year and a half ago, I began a new job as a trading partner in a startup hedge fund. It’s the best job I’ve ever held—the best boss, the best environment and the most fun work. For the first time, I wake up early and can’t wait to go to work.

Bright and Bold

Posted in: Features, Spring 2012

For David Owens, innovation on a personal level can be hard-wired.

“I am genetically an engineer,” he says. “My wife remarked one day as we were traveling, ‘Why do you always have a bag full of wires when we go on vacation?’ It’s just always been part of my identity.”

On Board

Posted in: Cover, Features, Spring 2012

For a guy from Middle Tennessee, Brent Turner, MBA’99, sure uses a lot of nautical terms. That may be the impact of having lived near the Puget Sound in Seattle for the past 12 years, but his choice of words is fitting nonetheless. Turner is helping steer the future of Owen as chair of the school’s Alumni Board, and his enthusiasm, drive and leadership are just the types of invaluable assets you’d want in someone at the helm.

Telling Our Story

Posted in: Bottom Line, Spring 2012

To really break through the clutter and claims of other schools, we needed a bolder brand identity that would make the world sit up and take notice, proclaiming loud and clear that we are second to none.

Media Mentions

Posted in: In the News, Spring 2012

The Associated Press March 7: Michael Burcham, Lecturer of Entrepreneurship, has been chosen as a “champion of change” as part of President Barack Obama’s “Winning the Future” initiative. Burcham was honored at a White House ceremony for his leadership in mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs. Bloomberg Businessweek Nov. 2: MF Global Holdings Ltd.’s bankruptcy, [...]

True Brew

Posted in: Issue, Personal Assets, Spring 2012

Running a craft brewery requires a personal touch, but few pour themselves into the job like Linus Hall. His Nashville-based Yazoo Brewing Co., which has expanded its reach across the Southeast since opening in 2003, is as much a testament to his handcrafted approach to beer making as it is to the larger aesthetic and philosophy that guide his decisions as a business owner.

The Sweet Spot

Posted in: Class Acts, Spring 2012

Sheru Chowdhry, MBA’00, laughs about his earliest experience living in New York City. His first apartment was in Times Square, and there was little respite from the noise and lights. “It’s a wonder that I didn’t end up half-deaf and half-blind from all of that,” he says. “It was sensory overload.” Chowdhry eventually settled on [...]

Rocky Mountain Reunion

Posted in: Class Acts, Spring 2012

Thank You to Our Alumni Ambassadors

Posted in: Class Acts, Spring 2012

The Admissions office would like to thank the following alumni for their help in recruiting prospective students. If you would like to be involved in future Admissions events, please email Atlanta Bella Abel, MBA’09 Matt Abel, MBA’09 Javier Canas, MBA’05 Jared Degnan, MBA’09 Travis Dunn, MBA’11 Astrid Huebner, MBA’09 Erin White, MBA’09Austin Paige Brown, [...]

Global Positioning

Posted in: Cover, Fall 2011, Features

Mario Ramos has a hard time containing his excitement about the freshly unveiled Americas MBA for Executives program at Vanderbilt. To hear him talk, you’d think that he’s among the inaugural class of 12 Owen students who’ll be traveling to Brazil, Canada and Mexico in the coming months to learn about those economies.

Best of Health

Posted in: Fall 2011, Features

Few people get to witness the evolution of a brand new hospital from an insider’s perspective. Even fewer get to play a hand in how it takes shape. Yet, thanks in no small part to Vanderbilt’s Master of Management in Health Care program, four health care administrators from Huntsville, Ala., have had just such an opportunity.

Executive MBA Class of 2011 Fulfills Scholarship Challenge

Posted in: Class Acts, Fall 2011

This past spring Bruce Brockenborough, EMBA’01, President and CEO of Hannan Supply Co., issued a challenge to the Executive MBA Class of 2011. If they would raise at least $145,000 for their class gift with 100 percent participation, he would pledge money of his own to help launch much-needed scholarships within the EMBA program. The [...]

Fielding Questions

Posted in: Fall 2011, Student Experience

How did you two end up working together? And what’s the story with this name “Blark!” that follows you everywhere?

Comings & Goings

Posted in: Fall 2011, Inside Owen

Warm Welcomes Cheryl Chunn has been named Associate Dean of Development and Alumni Relations. She previously worked as Director of Development, Departmental Programs, for Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Mark Cohen, Professor of Management and Law, has rejoined the Owen School following a leave of absence as Vice President for Research at Resources for the Future, [...]

Explaining the Rules

Posted in: Fall 2011, Inside Business

For the past 24 years, the Financial Markets Research Center (FMRC) at the Owen School has hosted a spring research conference designed to facilitate discussion between academic researchers and business practitioners. Starting with the 1987 Wall Street crash, many of the best minds in finance have assembled at the annual event to analyze topics ranging [...]

The World on Its Ear

Posted in: Editor's Memo, Fall 2011

When looking at most world maps, we take for granted our points of reference. North is up, south is down, and the U.S. is in the top left corner, just as it was when we first learned geography in grade school. Not everyone, though, subscribes to this point of view.

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