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Riding Out the Turbulence

Doug Parker looks for the silver lining at US Airways.

Grounded. In airplane parlance, it’s an ironic way to describe someone who oversees the fifth largest airline in the country, but that’s exactly how friends and colleagues of US Airways Chairman and CEO Doug Parker, MBA’86, view him. While he’s adept at managing the 30,000-foot view, they say he remains one of the most down-to-earth people they know—even as his embattled industry confronts soaring costs and plummeting customer satisfaction.

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A Town Transformed

Tupelo’s economic turnaround sets example for Project Pyramid.

Sharran Srivatsaa, MBA’08, remembers arriving in Tupelo, Miss., well after dark and encountering what most people would expect to see on a small-town Thursday night: very little. “There wasn’t much going on.” In the morning he saw the place, physically and figuratively, in an entirely different light.

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Organic Chemistry

How an eclectic team of Executive MBA grads are improving the organ transplant field

They are among the nation’s most compelling potential customers— the nearly 100,000 men, women and children who are in line for the fewer than 30,000 organ transplants that will be performed this year. That staggering gap is caused both by a scarcity of donors and by the fact that only 70 to 80 percent of the organs actually harvested can be utilized because of problems with quality or preservation.

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From the Dean

In the midst of a world financial crisis, the fundamentals of success are in place. We have solid programs, superb faculty and staff, and an incoming student body that is one of the strongest—if not the strongest—in the history of the school. Lest I repeat myself, I feel confident that we are poised to grow to our full potential. And, achieving that full potential is all about continuing our push for quality—quality faculty and programs, quality students and quality facilities.

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Bottom Line

From Broadway to Wall Street

How a musical set the stage for the Max Adler Student Investment Fund

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Campus Visit

Q & A with Joyce Rothenberg

Director of the Career Management Center

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In the News

Headlines from Around the World

Throwing Caution to the Wind, Clinical Trial and Error, On the Margins

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Corporate Spotlight

Honours Courses

Honours Golf makes playing the links an experience to remember.

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Lessons Learned

25 Years of Perspective

What Neil Ramsey has learned since graduating from Owen

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Informed Opinion

Money Talks

Lobbying has its place in politics, but so does transparency.

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Student Experience

Paying It Forward

Class of 2008 gift points to the future.

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Personal Assets

Deep Roots, Thick Skin

A bottle of JAX Vineyards cabernet sauvignon speaks for itself.

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